WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 20th October 2016

Just to be different, the women at Cooroy Golf Club played a Bisque Bogey Vs Par.  In this game, the player chooses how much handicap she will use on each hole after she has played it.  This can cause a bit of tension, and those who are willing to take the plunge and use their handicaps early on are the smart ones.  Those who didn’t ended up with unused handicap at the end of the round.  This happened to a few women including the winner and the runner-up.

Thanks to Jan Galvin for donating the trophy.

Results were:

WINNER:  Lyn Blackmore (+7 c/b).

RUNNER-UP:  Assunta Easton (+7 c/b).

RUNDOWN:  Wendy O’Hare (+7), Colleen Sykes (+7), Maz Gray (+7), Carmel Clark (+6), Lynne Dawson (+6), Wendy Morse (+6), Lavinia Hill (+6), Chris Michael (+6), Aileen Morton (+5), Terri Cairns (+4 c/b).

APPROACHES:  Lyn Blackmore, Fiona Buchanan, Chris Michael.

LONGEST PUTT:  Patsy Fayne.