WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 19th May 2016

Event – Stroke – Flag

Trophy DonorFreda Bull, Cooroy Sports Hub & Fay Wiggins


Winner – E. Hunt (67)

Runner up – M. Lucas (68)


Rundown – C. Clark (69), L. Dawson (70), J. Langford(71), F. Buchanan (72), M. Crouch (73),W. Morse (73), S. Piggott(74), L. Taylor(75), J. Kitcher(76), C. Michael(76), F. Bull (77), M. Willett (77), A. Easton(78)

Approaches – S. Piggott, S. Sendall

Longest Putt – L. Taylor

Congratulations on some great results and to the Flag reaching the first green.

Thank you to all our trophy donors.

Wendy O’Hare – Women’s Golf Director