WOMEN Thursday: Results for 04/07/2019

GAME DAYThursday
EVENT DATE:04/07/2019
MAJOR EVENT NAMESingle Stableford
GAME TYPE:Stableford
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/sClub, Pin Shots – Fay Wiggins
WINNERCarole Clancy 36
RUNNER UP – Division 1Terri Cairns 32 c/b
PLAYERS in Rundown:

Sarah Brogden 32, Lyn Blackmore 31, Aileen Morton 31, Sue Piggott 31, Sue Sendall 31, Maria Taurer 31, Weang Brown 29 c/b.

Birdie BoxNil
APPROACHESDiv 1 Hole 7 – Sarah Brogden, Div 2 Hole 3 – Maria Taurer
LONGEST PUTT18th – A Skinner

20 Ladies braved the wet course in mostly fine conditions. Scores mostly reflected the difficult conditions, well done to the winners. It was nice to finally get a game of golf in, looking forward to an improvement in the weather and a dryer course over the next few weeks.