WOMEN – Results of Invitation Day 7th July 2015

Event: 4BBB Stableford

Sponsored by Cooroy Supa IGA

Winners: Kate Sawrey (Cry) & Keryn Jessen (Gym) Score:  44

Runners up:  Helen Doughty (Cry) & Marea Jolly (Nam)  Score:  42


Louise Taylor (Cry) & Jo Stiffler (Hld)  Score:  41
Carmel Clark (Cry) & Lyn Schouten (MC)  Score:  40
Eve Hunt (Cry) & Sandi Probert (PS) Score:  40
Carole Clancy (Cry) & Di York (Cal)  Score:  40
Fay Wiggins (Cry) & Shirley Milligan (BI)  Score:  39
Fiona Buchanan (Cry) & Liddy Shaw (RQ)  Score:  39
Maria Taurer (Cry) & Chris Broeckx (Cal)  Score:  39
Wendy O’Hare (Cry) & Susan Lowrie (Cal)  Score:  39

Pin Shot Hole 12: Maria Taurer (Cry) & Chris Broeckx (Cal)

Approach Hole 7: Carol Traill (MC) & Lavinia Hill (Cry)

Photos (click to enlarge): (1) l to r Winners: Kate Sawrey, Wendy O’Hare, Keryn Jessen (2) Helen Doughty, Wendy O’Hare, Marea Jolly