WOMEN: 2017 Trophy Event Results

Tuesday Club Annual Events 2017

GA Handicap – Front Nine Eclectic

Maz Hawkins

GA Handicap – Back Nine Eclectic      

Colleen Sykes

Non-GA Handicap – Front Nine Eclectic

Sandy Viney

Non-GA Handicap – Back Nine Eclectic

Susie Thompson


Kaye Gilmour

0-15 Nearest the Pin         

Eve Hunt

16-23 Nearest the Pin

Leith Barr

Thursday Women Annual Events 2017

Club Champion:  Margie Lucas

     Runner-up;  Carole Clancy

B-Grade Champion:   Sonja Cordwell

     Runner-up:  Lynne Dawson

C-Grade Champion:  Colleen Sykes

     Runner-up:  Aileen Morton

A-Grade Nett Champion:  Terri Cairns

     Runner-up:  Patsy Fayne

B-Grade Nett Champion:  Anita Highland

     Runner-up:  Joyce McKay

C-Grade Nett Champion:  Sue Sendall

     Runner-up:  Judy Kitcher

Single Match-Play Champion:

Desley Walker

4BBB Match-Play Champions:

Aileen Morton and Doone Flanagan

4BBB Stroke Champions:

Jocelyn Rabjohns and Doreen Weaver

Medal of Medals:

Juliet Hall

Eclectic (Thursdays)

Division 1:  Lyn Blackmore

Division 2:  Weang Brown

Division 3:  Chris Michael

Eclectic (Saturdays)

Division 1:  Lyn Blackmore

Division 2:  Lynne Dawson

Division 3:  Aileen Morton

Best 7 Stableford Scores (Thursdays)

Winners:  Patsy Fayne and Chris Michael

Best 7 Stableford Scores (Saturdays)

Bronwyn Woolbank

Best 7 Nett Scores (Thursdays)

Winner:  Terri Cairns

Runner-up:  Margie Lucas

Best 7 Nett Scores (Saturdays)

Carole Clancy

International Bowl

Division 1:  Terri Cairns

Division 2:  Wendy Morse

Division 3:  Aileen Morton