Week ending 18th May 2013 (Vets)


We are pleased to welcome smallPRINT as our NTP logo ball sponsor for the remainder of 2013 through the efforts of our Captain, Grant Smallacombe.

A good field of 78, including 42 from Horton Park, enjoyed a great autumn day of golf.

The day wasn’t without incident though.  Without warning Dave Collins motorised push buggy took a detour into one of the deep ponds in Amen Corner leaving nothing visible but Dave’s glove floating on the water.  The glove was quickly recovered in case it was thought Dave might still be attached to it but the buggy was another matter.  The problem was solved when an intrepid member of the green staff arrived, stripped off, plunged into the cold murky depths and recovered the buggy, much to Dave’s relief.   After a bit of drying out, Dave and the wayward buggy were reconciled and back on the course on Wednesday.

Now back to golf – winning honors were evenly shared with Cliff Black, Horton Park, taking out A Grade with 40 points and Ron Blount (now also known as Ronnie Biggs) taking B Grade with an impressive 44 points.   Ron is very keen to get his handicap down to 22 – the way he’s playing he’ll get there very smartly.  Ron took out a B Grade Stableford last month with 44 points.

Dave Walder (there’s that name again) with 39 points and Bill Hesse with 37 (c/b) points finished runners up in A and B Grade respectively.   Bill also picked up a bottle of wine in the raffle.

Run Down: Ken Morgan 38, Barnie Major (HP) 37, Don Clelland 36, Robert Lovett (HP) 36, Graeme Finn 36, Alan Blundell 36, John Miller (HP) 36, Jorgen Ottesen (HP) 36, Jon Sendall 36, Daryl Anscombe (HP) 36, Ken Lane (HP) 35, John Kelly 35, Joe Seeleither (HP) 34, Ian Dangar (HP) 34, Richard Kuskie (HP) 34, Jim Rodgers (HP) 34, Peter Reilly 34, Bill Courtney (HP) 34.

NTP: 7th Bruce Wilshire, 10th Ian Ash (HP), 12th Mike Miklenda

As a result of securing the NTP sponsorship NTP winners now collect 4 balls each which can be shared with others in their group.


Brad Lavender, Bob Brookfield, Dennis Guion and Len Highland are taking time off to address medical issues – mostly knee problems.   Maybe we should round up a few more and see if we can negotiate a group discount.

Here’s to speedy recoveries and return to golf.

Don Pigdon is back looking fit and well after remedial work on his knee and ready to resume responsibility for taking out the NTP markers.


Steve and Jimmy’s “helpful” example score card and “there are no rules” ensured all cards eventually passed scrutiny, although Captain Grant was left scratching his head at times at the interpretations possible.

Congratulations to the winners Col, John, Bob and Dennis, making the step up from runners up in this event last year – proves how popular it is – so popular we will include it again in next years’ program!!!

Thanks to our member sponsors, Jimmy, Steve and Dave.

The Leprechauns (aka Jimmy Henderson, Steve Howes & Dave Walder)

Field: 63

Winners: Col Easton/John Stewart/Bob Noble/Dennis Guion                          106

Runners Up: Don Clelland/Ken McKay/Matt Brindley/Michael Andersen         106 (c/b)

Run Down: Dave Walder/Bob Brookfield/Ray Lally/Michael Smith – 104, Rod Booth/Dave Passenger/Chris Simpson/Alan Emery – 103, Kevin Olsen/Grant Smallacombe/Lionel Willett/Dave Collins – 98.

NTP  7th John Cairns, 12th Tony Foster, 15th Don Clelland.

Captain’s Choice

Hole 1 2nd Shot Brian Curson


Chris Simpson, Ken Morgan, John Cairns