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Project Id1
Project NoP1
Project Name18th Tee and Gardens Project
Date Created01/01/2018
RR FlagNo
Project SponsorGraham Laing
Initiation ApprovedYes
Project ApprovedYes
Co-ordinatorBrad Lavender
Planned Start08/03/2018
Planned End29/11/2018
Budget Year2018
Initial Estimate $12000
Costed Estimate $11743.00
Actual Cost $16658.00

Some of this work has already been completed & the replacement bridge has been ordered. The old bridge will be demolished by CGC volunteers. The messy queen or cocus palms between the 17th green & the 18th blue tee area are being removed by CGC.

Costing so far:

Excavation = $150

Steel Bridge $3,500 + Freight $800 = $4,300

Concrete Footings $375 + Steel Reinforcement $97 = $472

A new path linking the southern entry to the new bridge requires excavation at the front of the 18th Tee & then building a pine log retaining wall. We have suggested that while the excavation is being done that the creek be cleaned out. Work by CGC & volunteers.

Costing for this = Excavation $150, 15 x Pine Logs $241, Concrete $100 = $491

There are several other things that could be done to enhance this whole area.

Level the white Tee Area, work to be done by Greens staff.  This needs to be done correctly & after recent talks with Paul he mentioned that drainage needs to be considered as this area gets quite soggy during wet weather. I recommend that the Vets donate $500.00 towards this.

A concrete path 80 metres in length by 1.6 metres wide from the 17th green to the entry of the new bridge. Labour by Vets Volunteers.  Concrete (12.8 cub metres) $1,920, + 10 sheets F62 mesh $600 = $2,520

A concrete path 48 metres in length by 1.6 metres wide from the north side of the bridge to the front of the ladies’ tee. Labour by Vets Volunteers. Concrete (7.8 cub. Metres) $1,150 + 6 x F62 mesh $360 = $1,510

Note extra path width required for vehicles near bridge entry & exit. Allow Concrete (1.6 cub. Metres) $240 + 1x F62 mesh $60 = $300

Total = $10,243.00

Once this work is complete, a landscaped garden approx. (30 square metres) could be built in the old path entry area to the old bridge. Suggest landscaping to be done by vets & include a sign that informs that the whole project was funded by the Vets. I suggest that the materials required to do this work be purchased by the vets. The type of garden would be a committee decision. This area has been washed out in the past (100 year flood) so a small retaining wall in pine posts, or metal posts with concrete sleepers would be needed to direct any possible flood water back into the creek at the location of the old bridge. This work would be done by the Vets Volunteers. It is a bit hard to put a price tag on this work as we are not certain how much land will be available. Estimate would be around $1,500 plus if done correctly.

Scope of Work



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Garden component completed.

Work outstanding levelling Tee and completing path borders etc

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