VETS (Wednesday): Results for 28/04/2021

EVENT DATE:28/04/2021
GAME:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2021 05
A GRADE WinnerPeter Brown 64
Runner UpMike Kent 67
3rd PlacePeter Kennedy 68 c/b
B GRADE WinnerJim Lenske 68 c/b
Runner UpRoman Braithwaite (Vis) 68 c/b
3rd PlaceLance Horn 70
C GRADE WinnerKev Crundall 67
Runner UpRon Blount 68 c/b
3rd PlaceMike O’Donnell 68

John Barringer, Peter Buchbach, Tony Hayes, Geoff Linde, Ian Lumsden, Michael Loe, Peter Crosby, Gary Menyweather, Rob Nash, Con Russell, Jack Timm, Jim Prendergast

Kevin Tonkin Best Gross(1) Peter Kennedy 72 (2) John Barringer 73 (3) Peter Brown 74
NTP – 1st HolePeter Crosby
NTP – 3rd HolePeter Crosby
NTP – 4th HoleIan Mulhall
NTP – 6th HoleMike Kent
NTP – 7th HoleTerry McCulloch
NTP – 10th HoleKev Crundall, Ron Blount, Alex Kologaras, Wayne McKinnon, Mike O’Donnell, Rob Nash
NTP – 12th HolePeter Kennedy
NTP – 13th HoleA – Russ Rylance, B – Lance Horn, C – Rudy Agerbeek
NTP – 15th HoleA Skinner
LUCKY DRAW:Rod Roemermann, Con Russell, Trevor Kinneally, John Barringer, Lance Horn, Don Esposito

The field was down slightly for our May Monthly Medal but we saw some very good scores returned with close contests in each grade.

Next Wednesday is a 4 Man Aggregate Stableford sponsored by the ‘R-Souls of Golf’.

We host Maryborough on Monday, 10th May 2021.  The nomination sheet is available in the clubhouse.