VETS (Wednesday): Results for 25/09/2019

EVENT DATE:25/09/2019
EVENTInternational All Stars vs Aussies
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Shankers’ (Grant Smallacombe, Geoff Edwards, Terry McCulloch)
A GRADE WinnerGreg Flanagan 38 c/b
Runner UpKevin Tonkin 38
3rd PlaceTony Hayes 37
B GRADE WinnerBruce McLean 41
Runner UpDale Rickard 40
3rd PlaceTerry McCulloch
C GRADE WinnerRon Sayers (Vis) 41
Runner UpJim Gregg 39
3rd PlaceJim Prendergast 38 c/b

Errol Radley, Rod Roemermann, John Round, Mike Hill, Andy Stewart, Ron Blount, Tony Bernhagen, Wayne McKinnon, Mike Smith, Peter Williamson, Jack Timm, Kev Crundall, Ray Glover, Joe Daniels

NTP – 1st HoleAndy Stewart (Thai Tong Restaurant)
NTP – 3rd HoleMike Kent (Sweeney Todd Barber)
NTP – 4th HoleAndy Stewart (Richies Bakery)
NTP – 6th HoleDerek Wood (Vets)
NTP – 7th HoleAndrew Aves (Vets)
NTP – 10th HoleBrian Clemow (Cooroy Harvest Fresh)
NTP – 12th HoleBruce McLean (Vets)
NTP – 13th HoleAndre Smit (Park Wine)
NTP – 15th HoleKevin Crundall (Noosa Outlook Meats)
LUCKY DRAW:Mike Smith, Dennis Beckhaus, Ron Blount, Ron Sayers (Vis)

The big news … Aussie Attack follow their success last year with a win in the 2019 International All Stars’ versus Aussies event under the playing leadership of team Vice Captain, Con Russell.

Aussie Attack (Grant Smallacombe) 374
International All Stars (Jim Henderson) – 367
True Blue Aussies (Dave Lyons) – 357