VETS (Wednesday): Results for 22/09/2021

EVENT DATE:22/09/2021
EVENTInternationals vs Aussies Challenge
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Shankers’ (Grant Smallacomber & Terry McCulloch)
A GRADE WinnerKerry Davies 44
Runner UpTerry Magill 39
3rd PlaceStudley Martin 37
B GRADE WinnerBruce Dooley 42
Runner UpIan Lumsden 39
3rd PlaceJim Bisset 38
C GRADE WinnerGary Webster 38 c/b
Runner UpMichael Hill 38
3rd PlaceAndrew Aves 35
NTP – 3rd HoleMark Woolway
NTP – 4th HoleTom Williams
NTP – 6th HoleAndrew Carson
NTP – 10th HoleLance Horn
NTP – 12th HoleAndrew Carson
NTP – 13th HoleRuss Rylance
NTP – 15th HoleRuss Rylance
LUCKY DRAW:Kerry Martin, Wayne McKinnon, Paul Williams, Ian Lumsden, Peter Palmer, Matt McQueen

Dave Lyons and the True Blue Aussie team take out the Internationals vs Aussies Challenge by one point over Aussie Attack Team.

True Blue Aussies – 359
Aussie Attack – 358
International All Stars – 346

A magnificent 69 off the stick by Kerry Davies made a major contribution to the True Blue Aussie win.

Eagle on the 8th by Terry Magill.

Next Wednesday is a free Jimmy’s Famous Burger & Beer at Marty’s Hut.