VETS (Wednesday): Results for 21/07/2021

EVENT DATE:21/07/2021
EVENTOld Course Challenge – Round 1
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Top Enders’ (AC Dick, Mike Smith, Ian Lumsden, Jack Timm)
A GRADE WinnerMike Kent 36
Runner UpLaurie Staples 35
3rd PlaceMark Kelly 34 c/b
B GRADE WinnerWayne Carty 36
Runner UpBruce McLean 34 c/b
3rd PlaceGraham Laing 34 c/b
C GRADE WinnerKevin Pickford 38
Runner UpDon Cleveland 36 c/b
3rd PlaceMike Miklenda 36 c/b

Trevor Kinneally, Hans Herrle, Ian Mulhall, Alex Kologaras, Glen Johnstone, Andrew Aves, Wayne Price, Kerry Davies, Darryl Ayers, Richard Gibson, Tony Foster, Terry Lyons, Mark Woolway, Terry Magill

NTP – 3rd HoleLionel Willett
NTP – 4th HoleHans Herrle (in the hole)
NTP – 6th HoleTerry Magill
NTP – 7th HoleRoss Maloney
NTP – 10th HoleHans Herrle (in the hole)
NTP – 12th HoleGreg Michael
NTP – 13th HolePeter Buchbach
NTP – 15th HoleMark Woolway
LUCKY DRAW:Alex Kologaras, Ray Lally, Peter Jeucken, Scott Bennett, Laurie Staples, Tony Atkins

A very chilly day with only one player scoring better than par.

Hans Herrle achieved a unique feat – two NTPs both in the hole on his second shot.