VETS (Wednesday): Results for 14/07/2021

POST TITLEVETS (Wednesday): Results for 14/07/2021
EVENT DATE:14/07/2021
GAME TYPE:4BBB Stableford
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Croweaters’ (Grant Smallacombe, Nick Kostalas, Greg Michael)
WINNERSRuss Rylance & Mark Woolway 45
2nd PLACETony Hayes & Peter Palmer 44 c/b
3rd PLACEGary Menyweather & Bruce Otto 44
TEAMS in Rundown:

Wayne Price & Don Esposito 43
Tony Foster & Rob Nash 43
Richard Gibson & Peter Brown 43
Bob Read & Rex Williams 43
Ross Maloney & Paul Korczynski 43
Trevor Kinneally & Wayne Carty 42
Ray Lally & Geoff Cowan 42
David Attrill & Ken McKay 42

NTP – 1st HoleBruce Wilshire
NTP – 4th HoleKen McKay
NTP – 6th HoleJohn McNamara
NTP – 7th HoleLaurie Staples
NTP – 10th HoleAndre Smit
NTP – 12th HoleMike Smith
NTP – 13th HolePeter Brown
NTP – 15th HoleBrett LeMoy
LUCKY DRAWJohn McNamara, Ron Blount, Geoff Cowan, AC Dick, Rob Nash, Russ Rylance

Extra NTP – 8th Alex Kologaras

Thanks to Jimmy Henderson and Nick Kostalas for the great BBQ.

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