VETS (Wednesday): Results for 12/05/2021

EVENT DATE:12/05/2021
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘AAAC’ (Brett LeMoy, Don Esposito, Wayne Price, Kerry Davies)
A GRADE WinnerTerry Magill 42
Runner UpKeith Harkins 36 c/b
3rd PlaceRuss Rylance 36
B GRADE WinnerGreg Flanagan 40
Runner UpDerek Clayton 38
3rd PlaceDarryl Ayers
C GRADE WinnerRon Blount 40
Runner UpMike O’Donnell 36 c/b
3rd PlaceMatt Saunders 36

Bob Noble, Paul Williams, Jim Lenske, Brett LeMoy, Gary Menyweather, Lionel Willett, Mike Miklenda, Bob Atkin, Don Esposito, Don Clelland, Kim Bannikoff, Graham Laing, Bruce Otto, Bronco Price, Peter Jeucken, Tony Bernhagen, Greg Michael

NTP – 3rd HoleGreg Flanagan
NTP – 4th HoleAndrew Dick
NTP – 6th HoleDon Clelland
NTP – 7th HoleScott Bennett
NTP – 10th HolePeter Piggott
NTP – 12th HoleAndrew Aves
NTP – 13th HoleMichael Todd
NTP – 15th HoleKeith Harkins
LUCKY DRAW:Tony Kershaw, Jim Lenske, Wayne Carty, Don Clelland, Darryl Ayers, Paul Korczynski

Highlights were Derek Clayton’s even with the card back nine for 26 points after scoring just 12 on the front nine to finish 2nd in B-Grade.

And veteran Lionel Willett did better than the majority of the field and finished with a credible 35 points, his playing partners said it was precision “straight down the middle golf”.