Vets – Results of 2014 AGM on 5th November 2014

Set out below are the key results of the 2014 Vets Annual General Meeting held on 5th November 2014.

Election of Office Bearers and Committee:

The following were declared elected unopposed:

PRESIDENT: Kevin Crundall
CAPTAIN: Grant Smallacombe
VICE CAPTAIN: Jim Henderson                              

SECRETARY/TREASURER:  Rod Booth                    


Bruce Cowan
Andrew Dick
Graham Laing

David Lyons
Mike Smith

Resolutions to Motions:

8(a)     Annual Membership Subscription Fee for 2015

That the Annual Membership Subscription Fee for 2015 shall be $10.00 per Ordinary Member and $5.00 per Restricted Member.

Bill Edwards      Seconded: Jim Prendergast

Reports to 2014 AGM

The following reports were presented at the 2014 AGM.  Click on report to view.

President’s Report

Captains’ Report  

Treasurers’ Report