VETS: Results for 18th January 2017

Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: Cooroy Vets
Field: 82

Meade GraemeCongratulations to Graeme Meade (left) for an Eagle on the 5thGraeme hit a great drive, and then an even better approach shot but when we got to the green… no ball..a mystery!  After searching the surrounds for a while, Jim Turnbull wisely thought to look in the hole.  The moral of the story, look in the obvious place first!  The sequel to the story – Jim claimed some of the credit for Graeme’s Eagle.

Winners: A Grade – Andrew Dick  44, B Grade – Kerry Martin 43, C Grade – Bob Atkin 41 c/b
Runners Up: A Grade – Greg Flanagan 41, B Grade – Doug Allisone 41, C Grade – John Dangar 41 c/b
3rd Place: A Grade – Bruce Wilshire 37 c/b, B Grade – John Kelly 40 c/b, C Grade – Ian Mulhall 41

Run Down to 36: John Cairns, John Sutcliffe, Kim Bannikoff, John O’Donoghue, Jim Gregg, Perry Pyke (V), Ron Bourne, Stewart Wright, Kevin Smitt (V), Andrew Aves, Graham Laing, Peter Piggott, Roman Pajak, Jon Sendall, Rex Williams, Glen Johnstone


4th – Ron Blount
6th – Tom Murphy
7th – Errol Radley
10th – John Kelly
12th – Kim Bannikoff
15th – John Stewart

Eagle: Graeme Meade – 5th

Lucky Draw: Stewart Wright, John Dangar, Errol Radley, Steve Howes