VETS – NEWSLETTER week ending 7th November 2015


Today was the 2nd round of the 2015 Vets Championship.  Congratulations to all of our grade winners, Brad Jordison (78/76 = 154), Brian Flynn (87/86 = 173), and Glen Johnstone (93/92 = 185).

Top 5 in each grade below:

A – GradeB – GradeC – Grade
Brad Jordison 78/76=154Brian Flynn 87/86=173Glen Johnstone 93/92=185
Peter Buchbach 85/75=160Bruce Wilshire 92/83=175Rob Powell 94/95=189
Bob Noble 79/85=164Bill Edwards 88/87=175Chris Simpson 96/99=192
David Jones 88/79=167Ken McKay 92/85=177Hasse Andersson 93/102=195
Kevin Olsen 85/83= 168G Smallacombe 85/97=182Jim Henderson 96/99=195

Our handicap champion was Rob Powell who played off 29 and finished with (65/66=131).

The top 5 were:

  1. Rob Powell (h/cap 29) 66/65=131.
  2. Kevin Olsen (h/cap 18) 67/65=132.
  3. Glen Johnstone (h/cap 26) 67/66=133.
  4. Brian Flynn (h/cap 20) 67/66=133.
  5. Ken McKay (h/cap 22) 70/63=133.

The full results will be posted on our notice board next week.  Our apologies go to Glen Johnstone, who was initially announced as handicap winner (As you would have noticed, it was a very busy results board).

The Stroke round was won by Peter Buchbach 64, Ken McKay 63, and Mike Smith 65.


We have 3 shotgun starts remaining for this year, these are on the 18th November and 2nd and 9th December.  On all of these days we will be doing a live draw of 4 x half hams for the lucky winners to enjoy over the Xmas break.


Normally we have a 4 week break without any games over Xmas. This year we are running a 4 week Stableford competition during this period.

Played over the following 4 Wednesday’s.

  1. 16th December 2015 (time start)
  2. 23rd December 2015 (time start)
  3. 30th December 2015 (time start)
  4. 6th January 2016. (SHOTGUN START).

The competition’s will all be Stableford.

Your three best scores over four rounds will be added to obtain your final score.

All 4 time sheets will go out together.

No prep regarding results board, but starter required and results to GolfLink.

There will be 10 significant prizes for the best ten scores “all in” at the end of the competition.

There will be 1 weekly NTP on the 6th Hole, “all in” (prize 1 doz balls)

There will be 1 weekly prize for each grade.

No raffle, no run downs.

We are hopeful of getting approximately 60 players for each competition.

The more players we get the better the prizes will be.

All prizes will be presented after the final round.


Some of our players will be at our Host Day at Noosa. The rest of us will be at Cooroy. Try and remember to have a minutes silence at 11.00am and reflect.

The other important thing about November 11, is that it is my birthday and I can promise you something a bit different on the day.


Event: Stroke and R2 of Vets Championship
Prize Donor: Cooroy Golf Club
Field: 84

Winners: A Grade – Peter Buchbach 64, B Grade – Ken McKay 63, C Grade – Mike Smith 65

Runners Up: A Grade – Kevin Olsen 65, B Grade – Bruce Wilshire 64, C Grade – Glen Johnstone 66

3rd Place: A Grade – David Jones 66, B Grade – Bill Edwards 66, C Grade – Rod Harper 66

Run Down to 69: Ed Boyd, Dave Walder, Ian McMullen, Don Clelland, Paul O’Hare, Brian Flynn, Rod Roemermann,Rob Nash, Ian Mulhall, Bill Galvin, Ed Krop, Rob Powell, Glen Johnstone, Phil Mason, Errol Radley, Tom Williams

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) – Tom Murphy, 6th – Tony Kershaw, 7th – David Jones, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) -Andrew Dick, 12th – Lionel Willett,13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Dave Walder, 15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Brad Jordison.

Captain’s Choice – 5th Hole 2nd Shot: Rob Nash

Best Gross: Peter Buchbach 75, Brad Jordison 76, David Jones 79

Thai Tong – 1st Hole 2nd shot: Peter Buchbach