VETS: Newsletter week ending 5th MAY 2018

RESULTS for 2nd MAY 2018

Event: Stroke – MAY Monthly Medal
Prize Donor: John Madill Toyota
Field: 77

Thanks to our Monthly Medal sponsors.

A Grade: Winner – John Hillis 65, Runner Up – Michael Loe 66, 3rd Place – Peter Fryer 67
B Grade: Winner – Terry Wilson 64, Runner Up – Ossie Osborne 66, 3rd Place – John Cairns 68
C Grade: Winner – Brad Lavender 67 c/b, Runner Up – Dennis Beckhaus 67 c/b, 3rd Place – Andrew Aves 68

Run Down to 70: Bruce McLean, Rod Booth, John McNamara, Dave Lyons, Jack Timm, Graham Caffyn, Keith Harkins, Doug Pearce, Kim Bannikoff, Tony Foster, Dale Rickard


1st  (Thai Tong) – Peter Fryer
3rd (Sweeney Todd Barber) – John Cairns
(Richies Bakery) Michael Loe
6th – Wayne McKinnon
7th – Errol Radley
8th – Errol Radley
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Michael Hill
12th – Bruce McLean
13th (Strawberries for Pigs) – Michael Loe
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats)Andrew Dick

Best Gross: 1st – John Hillis 78, 2nd – Peter Fryer 80, 3rd Michael Loe 82

Lucky Draw: Rod Booth, Brian Clemow, Jim Henderson, Dennis Beckhaus


Results requiring talent:  Brian Clemow 2 x NTPs, 2nd and 17th.

Balls in Rundown:  Mike Kent (37pts), Joe Daniels (37 pts), Greg Michael (35 pts)

Results requiring no talent:  Raffle – Wayne McKinnon