Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 4th October 2014


EVENT: Monthly Medal
SPONSOR: John Madill Toyota

A Grade Winner: Bruce McLean 61, Runner Up: Ray Lally 64
B Grade Winner: Doug Allisone 63, Runner Up: Brian Flynn 64
C Grade Winner: Nick Kostalas (picture left) 67, Runner Up: Lionel Willett 68

Run Down to 69 (all in): Rob Nash, Ozzie Osborne, Dale Rickard, Ray Leslie, Glen Johnston, John Butler, Tom Williams, Jim Prendergast, Ken McKay, John McNamara, Chris Simpson, Jim Turnbull, Mike Smith, Ian McMullen, Tony Foster, Bruce Cowan, Dave Chapman, Brad Lavender, Andrew Dick.

NTP: 4th
Errol Radley (Richies Bakery), 6th Ian Mulhall, 7th Les Terrans, 10th Warren Hay (Cooroy Harvest Fresh), 12th Jim Prendergast, 13th John McNamara (Bar Voucher), 15th Bob Noble (Noosa Outlook Meats).

Captain’s Choice- Hole 1 2nd shot: Ian Mulhall

Raffle (Meat Trays): Alan Humphries, Tony Foster, Stuart Wright, Jim Penman.


Veterans’ golf is not simply or solely about golf or indeed winning – the camaraderie and providing a friendly, supportive social environment for members is essential to the experience and success of Veterans’ Golf.

The Vets Committee is always looking for ideas and ways to foster this ideal, in particular “providing a friendly, supportive social environment”.   We have for example introduced ideas such as the recent visitor day and inviting past, sick or injured vets to participate in sausage sizzles etc. so they don’t miss out completely on the social aspect.

In this supportive role, at the instigation of Mike Smith (picture left), we are trialling a Vets “HEALTH FORUM” where ideas can be shared regarding improving our health as we age and/or how to cope with dealing with particular health issues.

For example Mike has had several chats over the last twelve months with members dealing with a hernia operation – what to expect and how to recuperate, which Mike found very beneficial.

Knee and shoulder issues seem to be a regular subject of discussion between members.

You might also recall the very interesting and helpful article written by Steve Howes last year about his experience dealing with aneurisms.

The idea is that we publish a Health Forum article about once a month and also help members connect up with others dealing with a similar health issue.

The first article, about DIET contributed by Mike Smith, has been circulated to members.

If you any suggestions on topics or are willing to contribute an article or would like to volunteer your name for other members to speak to on a particular topic please let Mike or Rod know.

In any event please let Mike or Rod know what you think of this initiative.


Wednesday’s sausage sizzle was a great success with our 81 players consuming 200 sausages.  Great effort again by BBQ chefs Terry Lyons, Steve Howes and yours truly. Also by Jim Henderson who organizes the ordering and pick up of the goods, plus the setting up for the day.

Our John Madill Monthly Medals were won by Bruce McLean, Doug Allisone and Nick Kostalas, somehow I forgot to present the medals, so the winners can pick them up next week.

On the subject of the medals, next year we are doing away with them due to their unpopularity and their high cost.  Your Committee would welcome any ideas regarding a replacement for the medals.

Our Kevin Tonkin award for the best 3 gross scores of the day went to Bruce McLean 78, Les Terrans 79, and Ray Lally 80.

With the Club Championships coming up on the 29th of October and 5th of November I would like to remind you that to qualify you are required to have played in 6 single events.  The normal daily competition prizes can still be won by any Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club member in those events.