Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 29th November 2014

Why should a chicken crossing the road have to explain its motives!!


It looks like being a large field for Xmas Lunch.

The Attendance List will be out on the activities table again next week so if you didn’t indicate your intentions last week this will be your last chance.

Alternatively if you can’t make it to the clubhouse just let Rod know on


This weeks’ Single Stableford was sponsored by Derek Clayton, and his sponsorship must have inspired his playing partner Ron Blount who won the B-Grade with 43 points.  Once again, “thank you Derek”.

Rod Booth scored the ultimate 3 points average per hole on the front nine.  Unfortunately for Rod, he couldn’t repeat it on the back nine which would have seen him in “Mike Smith” territory.

We have a couple of big weeks coming up, firstly with next week’s 2014 Medal of Medals Stroke event.  The week after is our Xmas Ambrose, lunch, and trophy presentation.

The Captain’s Choice this week was an aggregate Stableford.  It sure created some interest and I may consider running one of these events next year.   If all 4 players, play to their handicap they would end up with 144 points.  Our winning team was John Butler, Errol Radley, Kevin Olsen, and Bruce McLean who finished with 149 points.  They will receive 2 balls each for their efforts.


EVENT: Stableford
SPONSOR: Derek Clayton
FIELD: 92 + 1 Visitor

WINNER A Grade: Russ Rylance 43, RUNNER UP: Dave Lyons 41
WINNER: B Grade: Ron Blount 43, RUNNER UP: Rod Booth 41
WINNER C Grade: Trevor Blake 41, RUNNER UP: Rudy Agerbeek (left) 40

RUN DOWN: Denis Guion, John O’Donoghue, Steve Howes, Brian McLoughlin, Brad Jordison, Tony Bernhagen, Errol Radley, Tom Williams, Ray Leslie, Bob Brookfield, Peter Reilly, Bruce Cowan, Kevin Olsen.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) Ron Blount, 6th Andrew Aves, 7th Brad Jordison, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Graham Finn, 12th Doug Allisone, 13th (Bar Voucher) Bruce Wilshire, 15th (Noosa Outlook Meat) Laurie Staples.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE Team Aggregate Score: John Butler, Errol Radley, Kevin Olsen, Bruce McLean – 149 points.

RAFFLE: Kerry Martin, Rob Nash, Dave Walder, Les Grimsditch.