VETS: Newsletter week ending 25th June 2016


A reminder Nominations for Woodford close on Tuesday, 28th June 2016.

RESULTS for 22nd June 2016

Event: 4 Man Ambrose
Prize Sponsors: ‘The Golf Tragics’ (Rod Booth, Graham Laing, Paul O’Hare, Bruce Cowan, Kevin Crundall, Ian Mulhall, Jim Turnbull)
Field: 79

Winners: Dave Lyons, Ron Harris, Ken Ross, Jim Fagg – 53 7/8
Runners Up: Ian Mulhall, Rod Booth, Russ Rylance, Derek Clayton – 54¾
3rd Place: Bob Read, Rex Williams, Roman Pajak, Rob Powell – 55¼

Run Down:

Andrew Dick/Mike Smith/Ed Boys
John Cairns/Greg Flanagan/ Ian Lumsden/Jason Egan
Brian Clemow/Jim Henderson/Ray Nolan
Graeme Osborne/Rob Nash/Tony Foster/Ian McMullen
Rod Harper/Con Russell/Graeme Meade/Chris Nielsen


4th (Richies Bakery/Fox & Hound Espresso) – Ken Ross
6th – A Skinner
7th – Jim Fagg
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Graeme Osborne
12th – Peter Piggott
13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Paddy Knapp
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Peter Reilly

Captain’s Choice – 8th 2nd Shot: A Skinner
Thai Tong Restaurant – Hole 1 2nd Shot: John Stewart

Lucky Draw: Chris Simpson, Ian Mulhall, Tony Bernhagen, Ken Ross


Hay Warren Trip Strip

More travel snaps from Warren Hay.  The first is inside one of the magnificent metro stations in Moscow.  They are stunning places!  We had a great afternoon travelling the metros for the cost of 50rubles ($1) for one ticket .

The other 3 snaps are from a small rural Russian town called Suzdal.  It’s referred to as the gem of the Golden Ring outside Moscow. Onion domes everywhere!