Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 22nd November 2014


The 3rd edition of our Health Forum has been distributed to Members – enjoy reading.  Thanks again to Mike Smith.


A fantastic effort by all of our players who put their hands in their pockets, and made our Legacy Fundraiser a success.  The result was quite amazing for a small Club like ours.  The gold coin donation BBQ raised $175.25, the raffle with all prizes donated by Graham Laing raised $233.00, Wayne’s Tee Shot raised $197.50 and Bob’s betting hole raised $131.85.   A grand total of $737.60.

Thank you to Wayne for giving his time and entertaining us with some great Tee shots on the 1st hole.   However I did hear someone complaining that Wayne had hit their shot too far and it went over the back of the green.

If you think you were hard done by if you lost your money at the 6th Hole Bob’s Bet, spare a thought for me.  I put $20 float of my money in the container so Bob would have change if required.  I also backed myself to land on the green and lost that $2.   I then forgot to retrieve the float, so I ended up losing $22.

Great effort by BBQ Chefs, Andrew Dick and Mike Smith (cooked to perfection).  Also to Vice Captain, Jim Henderson, who spends so much time ordering the supplies, picking them up and setting up the BBQ.   I must also again mention Jim for peeling and cutting up all of those onions.

Next week is a single Stableford event, and our trophy donor for the day is Derek Clayton (left).  Derek kindly donated the proceeds of his Cooroy Golf Club account to be used, and this will not only cover all major prizes, but also the NTP and Run Down balls. Truly a very generous effort, so if you are one of the lucky winners next week, don’t forget to say thanks to Derek.

Our 2014 Medal of Medal event is coming up soon, to see if you qualify, the list is on our pin up board.


Our roving photographer, Bob Watson, was out and about again on Wednesday recording events for posterity – check out the Gallery on the website.  Bob has acquired some extra photographic kit so look out for some extraordinary photos in future.


We putt out for the year on the 10th December with a 4 Man Ambrose followed by our 2014 Presentation and Xmas lunch.   Lunch will be a smorgasbord at no cost to Members.

Attendance at lunch is open to financial members of Cooroy Vets.

So that we have an idea of numbers for catering purposes there will a list available next Wednesday, 26th November 2014 to indicate if you will be attending the lunch.

Please ensure you indicate your intentions BEFORE you leave the club on Wednesday.

If you want to attend lunch but can’t get to the club next Wednesday to put your name down please let Rod know.


We have had great feedback from all our sponsors so thank you again for supporting them.   There will be an opportunity to meet most of them at our Xmas Lunch but in the meantime if you happen to use their services make sure you let them know you are from Cooroy Vets.



EVENT: 2 Man Ambrose and Gold Coin Legacy Day
SPONSOR : Cooroy Vets

WINNERS: Ray Hand & Graham Finn 59½
RUNNERS UP: Dennis Beckhaus & Derek Clayton 61

RUN DOWN to 62¾: Bill Edwards & Ken McKay, Kevin Olsen & Errol Radley, Alan Blundell & Len Highland, Rob Nash & Ian McMullen, Tony Bernhagen & John Woodward, Tom Williams & John Butler, Terry Hymas & Dale Rickard.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) – Errol Radley, 6th – Les Arthur, 7th – Jim Gregg, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Len Highland, 12th – Lionel Willett, 13th (Bar) – Lionel Willett, 15th (Noosa Outlook Meat) – Alan Blundell.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE – NTP 3nd shot on 5th: Graham Laing/Bill Hesse


EVENT: Stableford
VISITORS: Woodford Vets
SPONSOR: Cooroy Vets

WINNER A Grade: John Stewart 37, RUNNER UP: I Donaldson (W) 36
WINNER: B Grade: Ron Blount 48, RUNNER UP: Phil Botting 41
WINNER C Grade: Ray Glover 42, RUNNER UP: N Kostalas 41

LADIES (all in): Sue Cordwell 30

RUN DOWN: John Stevens (W), Mick McGreal, Graham Finn, C Barton (W), Brian McMillan, Kevin Olsen, R D’arcy (W),Hasse Andersson, Vic McCullough (W), Bill Edwards, Geoff Currie, Steve Howes, Col Duncombe (W), Mike Smith, Jim Henderson, Dave Chapman, Brian Flynn, Col Easton, Mike Miklenda, Dale Rickard, Dennis Beckhaus, Jim Gregg.

NTP: 4th Graham Finn, 6th Phil Botting, 7th B Noble, 10th I Donaldson (W), 12th Bob Noble 15th Norm Silley (W).

EAGLES: C Barton (W), George Hall