Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 1st November 2014


88 players took part in the 1st round of our 2014 Championships.  Below is a table of our leaders in each grade. Please note that some players may not be eligible to win, as to qualify, you “must have played in six single events”.

Just to complicate things a bit, next weeks’ 2nd round is also our Monthly Medal.  You will play the 2nd round of the Championship off the same handicap that you played your 1st round off. You will play the Monthly Medal, and mark your card, off the handicap that GolfLink has you on the day.

Our leaders for the “All in Best Nett” trophy are Jim Turnbull (59), Russ Rylance (62), Mike Smith (62), Peter Piggott (63), Don Clelland (63), Jim Prendergast (63), Jim Gregg (64).

Best of Luck to all players next week.

A – Grade 0 – 18B – Grade 19 – 25C – Grade 26 – 36
Russ Rylance (74)Don Clelland (84)Jim Turnbull (88)
Les Terrans (76)Jim Gregg (85)Mike Smith (91)
Peter Piggott (77)Jim Prendergast (87)Ian Mulhall (91)
Bob Noble (77)Alan Humphries (88)Steve Howes (92)
Denis Guion (81)Bob Read (90)Col Easton (94)
Laurie Staples (82)John Kelly (90)Lionel Willett (95)
Tom Williams (82)Derek Clayton (90)Brian McMillan (97)
Errol Radley (83)Ed Boyd (91)Hasse Andersson (98)
Jon Sendall (84)Tony Foster (91)Ray Glover (98)
Ian Lumsden (84)Bill Edwards (91)Several players on (99)

Recent observations have led me to believe that not all players have been interpreting some of the rules correctly. Please take note of the following:

Picture a shot from the 8th tee which flies over the trees in the direction of the dam.  No one can see where the ball gets to.   I have seen this so many times before, a player cannot find the ball and assumes the ball is in the dam. True, but there is no such word in the rules as assume “.   He promptly dropped a ball with a penalty at assumed place. But how do you know if it is correct crossing?  It could be 50 metres away.

The rule 26-1 says – It is a question of fact whether a ball that has not been found after having been struck toward a water hazard is in the hazard. In absence of knowledge or virtual certainty that the ball struck toward a water hazard, but cannot be found is in the hazard, the player must proceed under rule 27-1 a.  Under penalty of one stroke play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played (i.e. the 8th tee.).

Please note 27.2 Procedure that in order to speed up the play a player can play a provisional ball as long as he announces it and that ball will be in play if he fails to find the first ball, which is certainly in the dam.


Unfortunately Jim Penman is quite ill – we wish him all the best from his friends and mates at Cooroy Vets.

Marty is out of hospital and on the road to recovery.


EVENT: Stroke & 1st Round 2014 Vets Championship
SPONSOR: Cooroy Golf Club

A Grade Winner: Russ Rylance 62, Runner Up: Peter Piggott 63
B Grade Winner: Don Clelland 63, Runner Up: Jim Prendergast 63
C Grade Winner: Jim Turnbull (pictured left) 59, Runner Up: Mike Smith 62

Run Down to 69 (all in): Les Terrans, Errol Radley, Tom Williams, Bob Noble, Dennis Guion, Jon Sendall, Jim Gregg, Alan Humphries, Ian Mulhall, Col Easton, Steve Howes, Lionel Willett, Ian Lumsden, Ian McMullen, Ed Boyd, John Kelly, Glen Johnstone.

NTP: 4thJon Sendall (Richies Bakery), 6th Jim Turn bull, 7th Bruce McLean, 10th Russ Rylance (Cooroy Harvest Fresh), 12th Steve Hall, 13th Jim Gregg (Bar Voucher), 15th Dennis Beckhaus (Noosa Outlook Meats).

Captain’s Choice- Hole 8 2nd shot: Bob Noble

Best Gross: 1st Russ Rylance, 2nd Les Terrans, 3rd Peter Piggott

Raffle: Dennis Beckhaus, Dave Chapman, Bruce Wilshire, Mike Miklenda.