Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 18th October 2014


Slow play was a huge topic for most players after Wednesday’s game, if you are the guilty party holding up play, do something about it so others can enjoy their game.  Please take the time to read the tips on How to Speed Up Slow Play.

Congratulations to Mike Smith who came in with an astonishing 55 points on Wednesday.  Mike’s score triggered off an investigation by GolfLink; they called me from Sydney on Thursday to check the validity of his score. For the record Mike shot an 82 off the stick off a 31 handicap.

All reports coming from our host day at Headland have been positive; it certainly is a very nice course to visit. Our leading player on the day was Ed Boyd with 41 points. Ed will receive a bottle of “The Park” wine courtesy of our sponsor “smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd”.

This coming Wednesday we are putting on a free Hamburger and drink of your choice at Marty’s Hut (pictured left is the original half way hut which became the current Marty’s Hut).   This will be a compulsory stop.

This is how it works:

The first 9 groups to tee off (6.30am – 7.26 am) will call in at Marty’s Hut on their way in, before they tee off the 15th.

The remainder of the players will call into Marty’s Hut after they play the 7th hole.


EVENT:  Stableford
SPONSOR: Cooroy Vets

WINNER A Grade: Andrew Dick 44, RUNNER UP: Les Terrans 43
WINNER B Grade: Ed Boyd 40, RUNNER UP: Jim Prendergast 39
WINNER C Grade: Mike Smith 55, RUNNER UP: Terry Hymas

RUN DOWN: Mike Miklenda, Bill Edwards, Ray Hand, Bill Galvin, Paddy Knapp, Bill Hesse, Andrew Aves, John Stewart, Geoff Kerr, John Round, Kerry Martin, Dave Chapman, Rod Booth, Grant Smallacombe, Jim Henderson, Ian Lumsden, Bruce Cowan.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) Les Terrans, 6th John Round, 7th Bruce McLean, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Jim Turnbull, 12th Ron Blount, 13th (Bar Voucher) Charlie Adelberg, 15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) Steve Hall.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE – Best Front 9: Rod Booth (24)

RAFFLE: Chris Simpson, Trevor Blake, Ian Lumsden, Jim Henderson

A Pragmatic Approach

A story from Warren Buffett (one of the great investors) – his 1st wife had her credit card stolen but Warren didn’t report it as the offender was spending less on the card than his wife.