VETS – NEWSLETTER week ending 17th January 2015


Best wishes to all members for 2015, our first two games seemed to be enjoyed by all and both were played in fine weather.

On Monday 33 players made the trip to Pelican Waters.  The PW course was in great condition, but as usual most of our players found the going difficult.  There were however a few stand out scores and the best of these came from Terry Lyons 39, Graham Laing 38, and Laurie Staples (picture left) 37 points.  Later this year we compete in the Sunshine Coast District Veteran Golfers Association “Club Challenge” at Pelican Waters.  The past 2 years has seen us finish last on both occasions. This year we need to put in a big effort so that someone else finishes up with the “wooden spoon”.

On the subject of our Host Day Competition, I would like to announce the following changes to this years’ scoring and the prizes for the Jim Penman Host Day Player of the year award.   There are a total of 10 away games and 7 home games.   Your score will be worked out on the total Stableford points for the best 10 games you participate in. To qualify for the prizes on offer you will need to play in a minimum 5 away games and 4 home games.

This year there will be prizes on offer for the top 10 placed players.  Our Life Member Jim Penman has been generous enough to donate the major prize, and the vets will provide prizes for the next 9 players.  A leader board will be on display on our notice board from next week.  The new scoring system will make it a lot easier for us to run and we are hopeful that the increase in prizes will add more interest in the host day competition.

Wednesday’s John Madill Toyota monthly medal drew a field of 80 players.   Congratulations to medal winners A-Grade Errol Radley, B-Grade Terry Lyons, and C-Grade Warren Hay.   Other worthy mentions are to our best 3 golfers on the day, Les Terrans 74, Bob Noble 75, and Peter Piggott 78 who picked up the Kevin Tonkin (Nivek Niknot) donated prizes for the best gross scores.

Welcome to new Vet’s member Tony Gordon, please make yourself known to Tony.

You are forgiven if you thought you were seeing double on Wednesday, Peter Mounsey had his younger twin brother Don join us for a game.  Don is on holiday from the Lakes district in the UK and like a true twin finished with the same score as Peter.


EVENT: Monthly Medal – Stroke
SPONSOR: John Madill Toyota




A Grade WinnerErrol Radley 63, Runner Up: Bob Noble 64
B Grade Winner: Terry Lyons 67,  Runner Up: Dale Rickard 68
C Grade WinnerWarren Hay 69, Runner UpPaul O’Hare 70

Run Down: Terry Wilson, Bob Atkins, Ray Glover, Brendan McKenna, Lionel Willett, Ron Blount, Derek Clayton, Don Clelland, Kerry Martin, Tony Gordon, Rob Nash, Kevin Olsen, Les Terrans, Peter Piggott, Mike Miklenda, Col Easton, John Butler.

NTP: 4thTerry Lyons (Richies Bakery), 6th Paul O’Hare, 7th Peter Piggott, 10th Glen Johnston (Cooroy Harvest Fresh), 12th Ed Boyd, 13th John McNamara (Bar Voucher), 15th Tom Williams (Noosa Outlook Meats).

Captain’s Choice- Hole 5, 2nd shot: Brendan McKenna

Best Gross: 1st Les Terrans 74, 2nd Bob Noble 75, 3rd Peter Piggott 78.

Raffle: Ed Boyd, Kerry Martin, Derek Clayton, Terry Wilson


We are very pleased to announce the following sponsors have agreed to continue in 2015.  Please continue to support them.

Cooroy Harvest Fresh – NTP 10th
Cooroy Golf Club – NTP 13th
John Madill Toyota – Monthly Medal
Noosa Outlook  Prestige Meats – NTP 15th
Richies Bakery  – NTP 4th
smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd – Host Day NTP’s and Run Down + Golf Balls

The Potato Family

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