VETS: Newsletter week ending 16th February 2019

RESULTS for 13th February 2019 – WEDNESDAY

Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: ‘R-Souls of Golf’ (Tony Bernhagen, Greg Flanagan, Jason Egan, Ray Lally, John Cairns)
Field: 86

A Grade: Winner – Kim Evans (v) 43, Runner Up – Bob Noble 42, 3rd Place – Andrew Dick 41
B Grade: Winner – Lance Horn 39, Runner Up – Jim Prendergast 38 c/b, 3rd Place – Ron Blount 38
C Grade: Winner – Mike Smith 38, Runner Up – Rob Powell 37 c/b, 3rd Place – John McNamara 37

Run Down to 36: Dave Lyons, Peter Piggott, Terry Magill, Graham Laing, Tony Foster, Rob Nash, Gordon Green, Grant Smallacombe, Mike Kent, Geoff Edwards, Doug Pearce, David Attrill, Tony Kershaw, Trevor Kinneally


3rd  – Joe Daniels
– Mike Smith
6th – Terry Magill
7th – David Attrill
10th – Kevin Crundall
12th  – Mike Kent
13th  – John Stewart
15th Kim Evens (V)

Hole-in-One (12th) – Paddy Knapp (picture)

Lucky Draw: Tony Foster, John Butler, Jason Egan, Rudy Agerbeek

RESULTS for 11th February 2019 – HOSTING GYMPIE

Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd
Field: 61

A Grade: Winner – Jason Egan 41 Runner Up – Keith Harkins 40, 3rd Place – Rex Williams 40
B Grade: Winner – Mike McGreal 42, Runner Up – Dave Lyons 39, 3rd Place – Derek Wood 38
C Grade: Winner – Bob Atkin 43, Runner Up – Dave Chapman 42, 3rd Place – Joe Daniels 40

Run Down to 35: Len Highland, Geoff Currie, Bob McPherson (G), Errol Radley, K Wilkins (G), Mike Kent, Brian Clemow, Andrew Aves, Ron Blount, Andrew Dick, David Attrill, Kim Blackburn (G), Don Clelland


4th – B Carroll (G)
6th – Phil Botting
7th – Ron Blount
10th – Brian Clemow
12th  – Keith Harkins
13th  – A Skinner
15th K Wilkins (G)