Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 16th August 2014


We host Headland and Noosa Tewantin at Cooroy on 25th August – 8:00am shot gun start.  Nominations are still open.

We head down to Horton Park (probably for the last time before they move to their new course) on 8th September – 7:30am shot gun start.  The Nomination Sheet will be available from this coming Wednesday.


We are pleased to announce that Bruce Cowan (left) has joined the committee.  You will have the opportunity to say g’day as Bruce is on Starters duty next Wednesday.

As he is taking some time away from golf Allan Emery has resigned from the committee.  We thank Allan for his contribution to the Vets and the committee.


The weather was once again kind to us on Wednesday and it is great to see that our player numbers are up around the 80 mark, including some regular visitors.

Welcome to our new Committee member Bruce Cowan.  When I came in from my round Bruce was very productive and looked like he was born for the job.

I will be away next week and once again have called on Vice Captain, Jimmy Henderson to look after things.  NOTE: We have changed the scheduled Stroke round to a Single Stableford event.

The District Championships are now only a few weeks away.  We are still looking for more players to register and if not, volunteer to assist us on the day in some capacity.

We have had some questions about how Grading for the District Championship will work under the new handicapping system.  The rules are:

  • Your Grade will be determined by your GA HANDICAP at 5:00pm on 29th August 2014 A Grade 0-12, B Grade 13-18, C Grade 19-27, D Grade 28-36.
  • You play event off your DAILY HANDICAP at 5:00pm on 29th August 2014.  Daily Handicaps for the Championship will be locked in at that time and will not change for the event.

Your Daily Handicap is your GA Handicap adjusted for the Slope Rating of the course.

This is straight forward for the “C and D Grade” events at Cooroy as your daily handicap will be the same as your GA Handicap as our Slope Rating is 113.   However at Horton Park a Cooroy player will nominate with a GA Handicap of 18, but could find himself playing off 19 or 20 as their Slope Rating is 123.  The player would still be eligible to compete in B-Grade.


EVENT: Stableford
FIELD: 83 including 5 visitors

WINNER A Grade: Dave Walder 39, RUNNER UP: Brad Jordison 38
WINNER B Grade: Alan Humphries 38 c/b, RUNNER UP: John McNamara 38
WINNER C Grade: Dale Rickard 40 c/b, RUNNER UP: Ian Mulhall 40

RUN DOWN to 35: Peter Johnson, Don Pigdon, Col Easton, Peter Piggott, Kevin Olsen, Ken McKay, Ron Blount, Ron Bourne, Ces White (Vis), Les Arthur, Ozzie Osborne, John O’Donoghue, Warren Hay, Chris Simpson, Jim Prendergast, Ken Gray (Vis), Brad Lavender, Rod Harper.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) Cec White (Vis), 6th Ian Mulhall, 7th Graeme Finn, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Paddy Knapp, 12th Ron Bourne, 13th (Bar Voucher) Rob Nash, 15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) Doug Allisone.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE – 2nd shot 8th: Ray Glover
RAFFLE: Nick Kostalas, Mike Miklenda, Ozzie Osborne, Ken Gray (vis).


We encourage you to support our NTP Sponsors.  When you do make sure you say hello from Cooroy Vets.

Pictured (click to enlarge) from top left: Joe BartoloCooroy Harvest Fresh, 22 Maple St, Cooroy; BettyRichies Bakery, 20B Maple St, Cooroy, Darren Prosser (right with Jimmy Henderson )- Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats, St Andrews Drive, Tewantin.