VETS: Newsletter week ending 14th October 2017


With only 3 rounds to go, Ron Blount maintains a comfortable lead from Rob Nash and John Hillis. Fourth spot is hotly contended with only 5 points separating the next 10 players. 

RESULTS for 11th OCTOBER 2017

It is October and it is Red Course Day so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising to see a red submarine, complete with conning tower and snorkel, surface in the 14th hole dam on Wednesday.  Fearing it might be a covert Russian takeover of the golf course, the Red October Team (Paul O’Hare, Terry Lyons, Terry Magill, Greg Michael, Dale Rickard) quickly sprung into action and announced a bounty of $100 for anyone who could sink the sub with a golf ball. 

As the last group approached the dam the sub was very much afloat, and, as it turned out, still in no danger as final attempts to sink it barely raised a ripple.  It was unkindly suggested more damage would have been done by throwing marshmallows at it!  Thanks Red October Team, and Don Clelland for donating the ammunition.  Great fun, although there was scepticism about the accuracy of the “advised” 120m distance to target.

Event: Stableford – Men’s Red Course
Sponsor: “Red October Team” (Greg Michael, Terry Lyons, Terry Magill, Paul O’Hare, Dale Rickard)
Field: 83

Winners: A Grade – Rob Nash 41, B Grade – Glen Johnstone 39, C Grade – Andrew Carson 40
Runners Up: A Grade – Ray Lally 40, B Grade – Ron Blount 38 c/b, C Grade – Ray Leslie 37
3rd Place: A Grade – Graeme Osborne 38 c/b, B Grade – Lance Horn 38, C Grade –Dave Chapman 36 c/b

Rundown to 36: Phil Mason. John Butler, Doug Pearce, Tom Williams, Bruce Wilshire, John McNamara, Terry Harrison, Allan Barton, Don Clelland, Kev Crundall


4th (Richies Bakery/Fox & Hound Espresso) – Greg Michael
6th Ron Bourne
7th Andrew Carson
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Bruce Wilshire
12th John McNamara
13th (smallPRINT) – Don Clelland
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Kevin Crundall

Lucky Draw: Bob Watson, Bruce McLean, Graham Laing, Ray Leslie


Round one of two rounds of the Vets Championship start next Wednesday, 18th October 2017.