VETS – Newsletter week ending 10th October 2015


by Grant Smallacombe

The conditions for Wednesday’s Stableford obviously suited a large number of our players, as 44 of the 86 starters finished with 36 points or more. The run down stopped at 39 points.

Mason PhilRob Nash joins Peter Buchbach on 381 points in the Most Consistent Stableford Competition.  Phil Mason (photo left) was the big bolter this week and improved his score when his 44 points replaced his 33 points.  Phil is in 4th place on 375 points. There are 3 more Stableford games to go this year, check out the leader board.

Most players are aware of the recent changes to our free Lucky Draw, formerly called our free raffle. On timed start days the draw will take place after all players have registered. The winners names will be displayed on the table where you leave your score cards and also on the board where you write your score.  Prizes not collected will be forfeited.  This way you can collect your prize and mark the sheet that you have collected your prize before you leave.  On shot-gun start days there will still be a live draw.

This week Con Russell did not bother to come into the clubhouse to check if he had won a prize in the lucky draw, he therefore becomes the first victim and we thank him for forfeiting his prize.

RED RED RED RED RED: This is the colour of the Tees that we will be playing off in next week’s Stableford event.  And no we are not playing off the Ladies Tee’s as the course has been rated for the Men’s Red Tees The par off these is 68, the course scratch rating is 66, and the Slope Rating is 108.  The 16th and the 18th become par 4’s.   All other holes remain the same as normal.  Your handicap could change slightly and the look up chart will be on display at the starter’s box.

The event will be SPONSORED by Kevin Crundall (major prizes) and John O’Donoghue (NTP & run down balls)A big thank you to both gentlemen for their generous contributions.


A big welcome goes to new Vets member Craig Price. Craig is a former apple isle resident, so please go out of your way to make him feel welcome.  We also saw the return of John Cairns who is back from his lengthy Australian trip.


Women - Morning TeaEach year Cooroy Women invite Cooroy Vets to join them for a game of golf.

This year it is being held on Tuesday, 20th October 2015.

It is a 9 Hole, 4 Person Ambrose.  The Entry Fee is $6 with a 7.00am shotgun start. The Nomination Sheet is on our Vets Noticeboard.

We are looking for more nominations.  Come along and enjoy the morning –  the ladies are famous for the morning tea they provide.

RESULTS for 7th October 2015

Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: Cooroy Vets
Field: 86

Winners: A Grade – Bruce Cowan 40, B Grade – Phil Mason 44, C Grade – Peter Smith 45
Runners Up: A Grade – Tom Williams 40, B Grade – Tony Foster 43, C Grade – Terry Hymas 44
3rd Place: A Grade – John Stewart 39, B Grade – Peter Reilly 43, C Grade – Rob Powell 43

Run Down to 39: Lance Horn, Ray Hand, Mike Smith, Alex Kologaras, Terry Wilson, Peter Piggott, Brian McMillan, Glen Johnstone, Doug Allisone, Chris Nielsen, Greg Michael, Paddy Knapp.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) – Tony Gordon, 6th – Dave Chapman, 7th – Ray Nolan, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Kevin Olsen 12th – John Cairns, 13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Bruce Cowan, 15th (Noosa Outlook Meats) – John Sutcliffe.

Captain’s Choice – 2nd shot 8th Hole: Ed Krop

Lucky Draw: John Milligan, Brian McMillan, Ken McKay