Vets – NEWSLETTER week ended 20th September 2014


We have been blessed with perfect weather again, resulting in another great week for golf.

Monday’s field of 101 players made for a very successful day.  The field consisted of 45 Cooroy, 37 Gympie, and 19 Tin Can Bay players. A great effort by all, as every nominated player turned up to play.

Part of the success of these days is due to preparation by our Committee, and the efforts from our loyal helpers. With that in mind I would like to thank Kevin Crundall who is always one of the 1st at the Club on match day’s and is always ready to help out wherever he can.  Another person who is always willing to pitch in, is Ron Blount. Great efforts and much appreciated.

Our recently new Committee member Bruce Cowan sacrificed his own game so he could assist on Monday.  He did a great job in registering all of our visitors, and then took on the thankless job of Course Marshal If anyone would like to have a crack at this job I would like to remind them that it is unpaid, and all that you can expect to receive from the whole experience is abuse.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST COME THROUGH THE CAPTAIN.

On Wednesday we ended up with 79 players, and the day produced a few highlights worth mentioning.  The 1st being Les Terrans “HOLE in 1” on the 4th . Not quite as spectacular, but also worthy of a mention was Don Pigdon’s 3 for 5 points on the 3rd .    And not to be outdone the “Little Master” himself Jim Penman shot a very impressive 39 off the bat on the back 9.

Next week we play a Canadian 2 Stroke where each player plays 2 strokes with their own ball before choosing the ball to play.  Each player then plays alternate strokes until holed out. It should prove to be the perfect contest to try out the freshly cored greens.

My final words are about behaviour.  If you have a problem with anything out on the course, come and see me and let me sort it out.  What we don’t want to see, is any of our members causing a scene in the Clubhouse, especially in front of visitors.


You may be aware Wednesday was Robyn’s last day providing meals.

From next week sandwiches, wraps and pies will be available on Wednesday.     There will be an Order Sheet available at the bar.  The idea is that you ORDER BEFORE you head out to play then when you return from your round collect your order and pay.

We are currently considering catering options for host days and other events.


EVENT: Stableford
SPONSOR: Cooroy Vets

WINNER A Grade: Bruce Cowan 41, RUNNER UP: Jim Penman 40
WINNER B Grade: Tony Foster 41, RUNNER UP: Alex Kologaras 40
WINNER C Grade: Con Russell 40, RUNNER UP: Don Pigdon 40

RUN DOWN to 36: Terry Wilson, Ian Mulhall, Rod Harper, Dale Rickard, Brian McMillan, Graeme Finn, Dennis Guion, Errol Radley, Michael Smith, Russ Rylance, Peter Reilly, Doug Allisone, Ian McMullen, Ray Leslie, Kevin Olsen, Brian Flynn.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) Les Terrans, 6th Con Russell, 7th Andrew Dick, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Russ Rylance, 12th Ian McMullen, 13th (Bar Voucher) John Stewart, 15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) Alan Humphries.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE – 2nd shot 1st Hole: Russ Rylance

RAFFLE: Les Terrans, Jim Prendergast, Col Easton, John Butler


EVENT: Stableford
VISITORS: Gympie and Tin Can Bay
FIELD: 101

WINNER A Grade: Gerard Dunbar (G) 41, RUNNER UP: Bob Noble 41
WINNER B Grade: Les Petit (G) 42, RUNNER UP: Jeff Mason (G) 41
WINNER C Grade: Mike Smith 41, RUNNER UP: Dave Chapman 38

RUN DOWN to 36.

NTP: 4th Jim Penman, 6th Jeff Hudgson (G), 7th Ian Morgan, 10th Kevin Crundall, 12th Rod Roemermann, 15th Ron Blount.

RAFFLE: Warren Hay, Mike Miklenda, Brian Stallard (G), Don Clelland, Peter Bayliss (G), Jim Prendergast, Brian Taylor (G), Doug Sutton (G).