Vets – NEWSLETTER weeek ending 9th August 2014


It is nice to see a few more names have been added to our  nomination form. However the number of A&B Grade players (0-18) to nominate for the game at Horton Park on Friday the 5th of September is still a bit on the light side. It is only $12 to play and it would be great to see a few more Cooroy Vets represent us.

Well done to Kevin Crundall on winning the Captains Choice on Wednesday and therefore winning 3 golf balls.  Earlier in the day Kevin very generously donated 3 boxes or 36 golf balls to the Vets – I think we have done very well with the trade.  Thank you Kevin.

Don’t forget our Members Guest Day on the 10th of September.  The event that day will be a 4 Man Ambrose, and there will be a free sausage sizzle at the completion of play.  Ideally you will bring along a person who may one day consider joining our club.

At the moment I am playing host to our sponsors from smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd. We had a game at Cooroy on Thursday, and they commented on how much better our course is looking since their visit last year.   A lot of this is due to the fine work that is being done by our volunteer working bee members.

WORKING BEE: Our next working bee will now be on Monday the 11th of August It will be an ideal opportunity to tidy up the course before the District Championships. ALL WELCOME TO ATTEND.


We’ve found Andrew Dick (left-click to enlarge).  He’s on a beach (actually it’s a mud flat) just north of Port Headland playing golf on a 9 Hole course – golf clubs and balls supplied.

Andrew says the holes are 300mm diameter plastic pipe – perhaps something we could consider!

It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.


Welcome to new member Jeff McDonald.  Jeff didn’t waste any time joining the Vets after reaching the qualifying age – he turned 55 on 5th August 2014.

Ordinary membership has now reached 131.


Event: Monthly Medal
Prize Donor: John Madill Toyota

Thanks to John Madill Toyota for their support in sponsoring our Monthly Medal events.

We have a new NTP sponsor for the 10th for the remainder of 2014 – Cooroy Harvest Fresh,  corner Myall and Emerald Street, Cooroy just up from Richies Bakery.  If you are looking for fruit and veg drop in and see Joe Bartolo and tell him you are from Cooroy Vets.

A Grade Winner: Jim Penman 68, Runner Up: Paddy Knapp 69
B Grade Winner: John McNamara 63, Runner Up: Ron Blount 68
C Grade Winner: Rod Harper 67 c/b, Runner Up: Dale Rickard 67 c/b

Run Down to 72 (all in): Stuart Wright, Rod Booth, Alan Humphries, Brad Lavender, John O’Donoghue, Ron Bourne, Brian McMillan, Rod Roemermann, Steve Howes, Bob Read, Dave Walder, Geoff Kerr, Bruce McLean, Dave Chapman, Tom Murphy.

NTP: 4th Steve Hall (Richies Bakery), 6th Con Russell, 7th Kevin Olsen, 10th John O’Donoghue (Cooroy Harvest Fresh), 12th John McNamara, 13th Steve Hall (Bar Voucher), 15th Bob Read (Noosa Outlook Meats).

Captain’s Choice- Hole 1 2nd Shot: Kevin Crundall

Raffle: Bruce Cowan, Tony Kershaw, Rob Nash, Rod Roemermann.


The presentation on Wednesday is the culmination of that days’ competition and usual takes less than 15 minutes to wrap up an enjoyable day.  The formal presentation is an important feature of our competitions and the atmosphere we want to create and we will hold one whether there are 2, 20 or 200 present.

Unfortunately there has been a trend for the presentation to be interrupted/disrupted by some members carrying on independent conversations making it difficult for those who are interested to participate and hear the presentation proceedings.  The time taken for the presentation is minor in context of the day so in future please show some courtesy and consideration to those members who are interested and for the time and effort put in by the committee and others to make our competitions enjoyable.