VETS: Host Day Visit to Peregian Springs – 5th December 2022

Here is the draw for the visit to Peregian Springs. If the day is cancelled due to rain, players will be contacted by text message.  Please ring 0419722104 if the day is uncertain.

It is compulsory carts and the cost of the day is $45, cash only.  8:30 shotgun start

As we are visiting, if you can’t make it please call Dave Lyons on 0419722104

This is our last Host Day for 2022.  We have 10 players in the running for places in the Jim Penman Host Day Trophy

  • Anthony Jones  339 points (best 10 scores)
  • Garry Stephens 339
  • Lance Horn 337
  • Dave Lyons 332
  • Mike Kent 331
  • James Henderson 318
  • Tony Atkins 312
  • Greg Michael 296
  • Andrew Aves 294
  • Don Clelland 294

Beware of fast finishers, not on this list.