Tee Off for Breast Cancer (Women)

The club house was a sea of pink – all shades – when the women came in after their competition on October 17.  The occasion was a fund-raiser for Breast Cancer Research and 34 women teed off to win the trophy presented by Jocelyn Rabjohns.

We played a Bisque Bogey versus Par which is unusual in itself, as a player must nominate how much of her handicap she uses on a hole before she tees off on the next hole.  To complicate matters even more, the women could purchase Escape Tickets to be used instead of putting, to drop out of a bunker, or to escape a penalty when dropping out of a hazard.

Joyce McKay won brilliantly with +13 and Assunta Easton came runner-up with +11.  Approaches were taken by Carole Clancy, Freda Bull and Kaye Gilmour.

Our caterer, Robyn entered the spirit of the day and donated a lunch voucher to the woman who put the most effort into her presentation.  There was no doubting that Jan Galvin (center in photo) was that woman – pink clothes, pink underwear, pink visor decorated with a large pink flowers, pink sunglasses, pink boa, pink laces in her golf shoes, pink shoes in the club house and a pink handbag.  Her cart was decorated with pink streamers and pink balloons. (Thanks for trying to put me off my game by driving under some low branches and bursting your balloon, Jan.)

The raffle too was a great success.  Many thanks to those who donated prizes:  Gabi Dick for her painting; Dr Sybil Kellner for her $100 voucher to Le Humid; Terri Cairns for 2 bottles of wine; Maria Taurer – wine; Juanita Langford – a box of balls; and Sue Sendall for her picnic basket.

Although scoring caused some headaches, one could not but smile at the end result of the day – $518 raised for Breast Cancer Research.  Well done, girls!

Assunta Easton – Women’s Golf Director