NEWSLETTER week ending 26th October 2013 (Vets)


Another big week with 2 games played.  Monday’s Host Day with a visit from Mt Coolum drew a good number of players with a field size of 75.  Errol Radley (left) won the A-Grade with 41 points.   Errol found his true form without any outside influence from his normal playing partner Kevin Olsen.   Alan Emery continues to impress and won the C-Grade with 44 points.  Visiting player David Craswell just pipped our own Jim Henderson who finished with a credible 43 points.

Ron Blount, who normally turns up early, as he helps with the breakfast preparations, was not to be seen.   Just 20 minutes before we were due to tee off from the 11th, I rang Ron at home to see what the hold-up was.  Call it what you like but Ron had forgotten he was playing and was resting up at home.   Anyway, I don’t know how he did it but somehow he managed to get his gear together, drive to the course, pick me up from the clubhouse, drive to the cart shed, and we arrived at the 11th tee with time to spare.

Ron’s was not the only senior moment as we had 2 players turn up from Woodford, a month too early.  I’m not sure which one of them got the date wrong, but am sure it will be a talking point back at Woodford.  Lucky for them we had a game on, so I was able to let them join us for an enjoyable day.

New member Bob Watson is looking for someone to share a hire cart with him, please let me or Bob know if you would like to take up his offer.

I have recently been questioned about lowering the A-Grade handicap to 0-15.  This was mentioned at last year’s Annual General Meeting.   I addressed the situation then and made the decision not to allow any A-Grade player more than 1 shot per hole and therefore our A-Grade is from 0-18.   I will continue to monitor the number of A-Grade players taking part in each competition and if the field size ever increases enough to warrant it, I will be more than happy to lower the handicap limit.

Wednesday’s 4BBB saw low handicappers Denis Guion and Bob Loudon come in with a winning score of 51 points.

And it looks like Kevin Olsen is up for a bag of wheat, as a couple of months ago, I was witness to Kevin saying to playing partner Errol “ if your handicap ever drops below mine, I will buy a bag of wheat and donate it to the Salvos”.   Errol, now off 15.5, has called for payment as Kevin lags behind him on 15.8.

Please note that coming up are the Vet’s Club Championship’s, they are played over two weeks with the 1st Round being on Wednesday the 30th of October, and the 2nd Round being on Wednesday the 6th of November.

The Championship will be played in A, B, and C Grades (Stroke):

  • Best 36 hole Gross – A, B, C Grades.
  • Best 36 holes Nett – all in.

Qualification: players must have played in six single events this year.

In case of a tie, there will be a play off over 18 holes the following week.

Our next Working Bee will be held on Tuesday the 12th of November.

RESULTS FROM 21st OCTOBER 2013 – Hosting Mt Coolum

Event: Single Stableford

Field:   75

A Grade Winner: Errol Radley 41, Runner Up: Graeme Paterson (MC) 40 c/b

B Grade Winner: David Craswell (MC) 44, Runner Up: Jim Henderson 43

C Grade Winner: Alan Emery (and again) 44,  Runner Up: Don Carolan (MC) 42

Run Down to 38:  Denis O’Neill (MC), Dave Passenger, Andrew Dick, Brian Flynn, Alan Bruschweiler (MC), Dain Stone (MC), Kevin Crundall, Darryl Crank (MC), Ken Mott (MC), Graham Finn, Jim Jansen (MC), Max Ahlfeld (MC), Dennis Guion, John Doffkont (MC), Warren Hay, Jim Luhrman (MC), Preben Nielsen (MC).

NTP: 4th Jon Sendall, 6th Con Russell, 7th Dennis Guion, 10th Dave Chapman, 12th Graham Finn, 15th Andrew Dick.

Raffle: Mike McGreal (MC), Andrew Dick, Preben Nielsen (MC), John Kelly, Dave Passenger, Noel Roberts (MC), Dain Stone (MC), Graeme Garde (MC).


Event: 4BBB Stableford

Prize Donor:  Smallacombe Building Company

Field: 76

Thanks to Grant for donating all the prizes including run down and NTP balls from his past winnings – hardly used, low mileage only driven to church by a little old lady on Sunday – oops wrong story – Grant is buying a new car and that was his sales pitch to get the best price on his trade-in.

Winner: Dennis Guion & Bob Loudon 51

Runner Up: Rod Booth & Alan Emery 49 c/b

Run Down to 47: Col Easton & John Stewart, John Cairns & Tom Williams, Jim Penman & Bill Edwards, Ken McKay & Peter Piggott, Bruce Cowan & Hasse Andersson, Bruce Wilshire & Jim Prendergast, Brad Lavender & Dave Passenger, John Milligan & Ron Blount, Les Arthur & Dave Chapman.

NTP: 4th Dennis Guion, 6th Tom Williams, 7th Paddy Knapp, 10th Terry Lyons, 12th Brian McLoughlin, 13th Lionel Willett, 15th Ed Otto.

Captain’s Choice – 3rd shot Hole 3: Rob Nash.

Raffle: Rod Booth, Con Russell, John Kelly, Mike Miklenda.

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer