NEWSLETTER week ending 19th October 2013 (Vets)


Wednesday’s game was played in fine conditions and obviously suited Alan Emery, who carded 45 points to take out C-Grade. Alan is on fire at the moment and has now won 2 in a row.

Those who played in the 9 hole Ladies Invitation on Tuesday had a very enjoyable morning.  Brad Lavender (left) found playing off the Ladies Tee’s to his liking, and was a member of the winning team.  Brad wanted to wear a scarf to disguise the fact that they were the only team made up of 1 women and 2 men but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) he couldn’t find a suitable one in time.

Well done to Peter Piggott who scored 39 points and was runner-up in very windy conditions at Headland on Monday.

Please note that coming up are the Vet’s Club Championship’s, they are played over two weeks with the 1st Round being on Wednesday 30th October, and the 2nd Round being on Wednesday 6th November.

The Championship will be played in A, B, and C Grades (Stroke).

Best 36 hole Gross – A, B, C Grades.

Best 36 holes Nett – all in.

Qualification: players must have played in six single events this year.

In case of a tie there will be a play off over 18 holes the following week.

Our next Working Bee will be held on Tuesday the 12th November, a week later than normal due to the Melbourne Cup being on the 5th.   You have probably noticed that due to the dry weather there are plenty of sticks that require picking up.


Event: Stableford

Prize Donor: Cooroy Vets

Field:  74

A Grade Winner: Bruce Wilshire c/b 41, Runner Up: Graeme Osborne 41

B Grade Winner: Matt Brindley c/b 40,  Runner Up: Paddy Knapp 40

C Grade Winner: Alan Emery (again – left) 45, Runner Up: Kevin Crundall 44

Run Down (all in) to 38:  Ray Leslie, Hasse Andersson, Tom Murphy, Con Russell, Mike Miklenda, John Quodling, Errol Radley, Jon Sendall, Alan Blundell, John Tomlins, Kevin Tonkin, Ian McMullen, Terry Lyons, Jim Henderson, Denis Beckhaus.

NTP: 4th John Round, 6th Tom Murphy, 7th Bob Noble, 10th Ken McKay, 12th Rod Booth, 13th Ron Blount (6Pack), 15th Peter Piggott.

Captain’s Choice – 2nd shot Hole 1: Kevin Tonkin.

Raffle: Peter Piggott, John Kelly, Les Terrans, Kevin Crundall.  NOTE:  If you are not there to collect your raffle prize you can collect it from the raffle table next time you play.


Welcome to new members Peter Anyon and Chris Cumming.

Also welcome back to Jim Turnbull returning to the Vets after a period away.

If you come across them on the course or in the club house have a chat and make them feel welcome.


Nick Kostalos is shortly heading off on a voyage of discovery following the Darling to the Murray and then on to Adelaide and has promised to send photos from time to time.  And, of course, being a journey of discovery will share any revelations he encounters – the secrets of golf, the meaning of life or the secret of the universe.

Selamat Malam from David Walder, Elaine and Bob Brookfield (left to right) in beautiful Bali.  Having a great time at Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, up in the mountains.

Don’t forget to send photos and interesting stories if you are on the road so we can all enjoy the experience.


The purpose of the Australian Handicap & Course Rating System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable for golfers by providing a means of measuring a golfer’s performance and progress and to enable golfers of differing abilities to compete on as equitable a basis as possible.

As you know Golf Australia has been progressively introducing changes to the handicapping system in Australia.

Click here for an explanation of the next round of changes to be introduced in January 2014 – who said golf was a complicated game!!!!

More information will be provided as we move closer to the date.

Golf Humor

Maybe if we include ‘rain’ and ‘golf’ in the same joke we will tempt fate and get some rain – oh well worth a shot!

Two long time veteran golfers were standing overlooking the river.

One golfer looked to the other and said, “Look at those idiots fishing in the rain.”

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer