Muriel Willett takes a rest from playing golf

At the Women’s Club Presentation in December we said a fond farewell to Muriel Willett who has decided it is time to take a rest from playing golf.

Muriel joined Cooroy Golf Club in1982 and has seen many changes in her 38 years as a member.  At that time women were not allowed to be Ordinary Members until a change of constitution in the late 1990s.  Before that, the only option available to women was as Associates which meant that women could not vote nor take positions on the Management Committee.

The course itself has changed dramatically, going from 9 holes to 18 in 2005.

Muriel enjoyed taking part in Pennant competitions against other clubs and the trips away to District Championships was a highlight each year.

We will miss your calm presence and smiling face on the golf course, Muriel.