MEN: Pennant Results for 2nd April 2017

After the weeks lead up weather, it was good to see Nambour was fairly dry and the greens workers and volunteers had done a great job to make the course playable. It was fair to say that the 10-minute delay to hit off, was clearly pointed out to the Nambour starter.

Different days different strokes, go figure.

J Mac was first off, one of the best-topped drivers he has hit for a while, and still squared the hole, this went on thru the game, till the 17th, coming up with a great 3 and 2 win.

Geoff Linde was doing a solid effort, comes up to the cemetery hole, cuts one into where his great aunt is, and too scared to go say howdy to his aunt. Good on ya Geoff. This must off put him off a little, going up the 18th couple of ob’s and all was squared up. so good to see Geoff’s match play develop.

Gussy Stewart was the wild card for the day, great reward for his efforts in helping the team, well done Gus unfortunately not able to bring his Saturday form into Sunday.

So Gus, we have really appreciated your caddy efforts, a big good on ya.

Peter Bushy Buchbach was once again at his steady best, Peter was a little coy with feed back today, but I would be guessing he was a little fuddled with the greens, like us all, Peter went down by 1, but a great effort.

Deep Fryer was without his caddy, but on time and not lost in the triathlon, settled into the game well, coming back with a strong 1 up win, on ya Deepster.

Shanker Scanlan, after realising that his name was finally spelt correctly, pops his pills, rubs in the dencorub, stretches and warms up, gives the all clear.

With the big fella Ray Nolan on his bag and directing Shanker to his best, coming in with a 3 and 2.

Marky Bright, being full of joy and wisdom, surprised to be getting a stroke in his favour, was following up the rear, with the greens giving a little bit of trouble he was 1 up.  Going up the 18th, Mark was steady as usual, great little chip and all was good, 2 up winner.

Many thanks to our caddy programme, Donna and Matty, well done guys.

Next week we play Caloundra at Noosa Springs.

Practice hits available, some are doing Thursday some time, lets touch base and see what we can do.

The team:

Mark Bright
Shane Scanlan
Peter Kennedy (welcome  back peter)
Peter Fryer
Peter Buchback
Geoff Linde
Jeff Mcdonald

Reserves: Gus Stewart, Andy Stewart, Ray Nolan (if his daughter will let him)

Many Thanks to Peter Jeucken, we wish you a good holiday.

We may have to look wider for caddies and or hire carts.

Till next Sunday.

Practice Hard.