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MEN (Saturday): Results Form – Single Competitions

Use this form to submit results for Men’s Saturday Single Events (e.g. Monthly Medal, Stroke, Stableford, VPar).

Tips for completing the form:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE – for a Monthly Medal select Game Type ‘Monthly Medal‘ not Stroke.  Selecting Monthly Medal presents a ‘month’ field so you can select the month for Monthly Medal.  Selecting game type Monthly Medal is critical to entry appearing in Monthly Medal winners list.
  • Expand or collapse a section by clicking on the ^ symbol at the end of the section title.
  • Fields marked with an * are mandatory i.e. must be completed.
  • Only complete ‘fields‘ applicable for the particular game day, leaving any not applicable blank.
  • Submit one set of results only for each Saturday competition i.e. by DATE.  Once results for a Date have been submitted the date will not be available for selection in the date picker calendar.
  • Follow the format guidelines for each field where provided as this ensures consistency of presentation.
  • The ‘Next’ button allows you to Preview the entry before Submit.


MEN: Saturday RESULTS Form - Single Events
Select from Date picker
OPTIONAL, use for MAJOR EVENTS only - e.g. 2017 Cooroy Open
Select game format
Monthly Medal Month
Insert number in Field.

WINNERS (Division):

Enter player NAME and SCORE e.g. Tiger Woods 34 or Jack Nicklaus 45 c/b

RUNNERS UP (Division):

Enter player NAME and SCORE e.g. Tiger Woods 34 or Jack Nicklaus 45 c/b

WINNERS (Grade):

Enter player NAME and SCORE e.g. Tiger Woods 62 or Jack Nicklaus 61 c/b


Enter player NAME and SCORE e.g. Tiger Woods 63 or Jack Nicklaus 65 c/b


Enter player NAME and SCORE for each player in Rundown as follows - Greg Norman 40, Tom Watson 40, Arnold Palmer 39


Enter winner NAME for each NTP/Super-Pin selected on game day.


Enter NAMES of Raffle winners. If there are different prize levels enter as (1) Tom Jones, (2) Frank Little, (3) Billy Blogs


You can OPTIONALLY add a few words here about the day and/or flag what's coming up.
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