MEN (Saturday): Results for 29/08/2020

EVENT DATE:29/08/2020
EVENTMonthly Medal + 3Rd RD Club Champs
WINNER – Division 1L.Grainger (65)—$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – Division 2M.Loe (67)—$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – Division 3D.Davy (67)–$50 BC + Medal
RUNNER UP – Division 1N.Ackland (68 on CB)—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 2P.Piggott (68 on CB)—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 3P.Gannon (69)—$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

R.Gibson, R. Rylance, D.Clayton, K.Harkins, M.Davies, T.Williams, P.Williams—-1 Ball Each

NTP – 4th HoleM.Woolway—2 Balls
NTP – 6th HoleG.Flanno—2 Balls
NTP – 7th HoleK.Hamo—2 Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINL.Grainger—$74 BC
NTP – 12th HoleA.Morton—2 Balls
NTP – 15th HoleR.Rylance—2 Balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot won approx $1200 next week.
RAFFLE WINNERS:J.Kennedy, K.Brittain, K.Harkins—Meat Tray Eacg

Some really impressive scores out there today especially L. Grainger on shooting even par. Congratulations to all winners. The championships will come to a close at the end of the Saturday so I hope everyone is ready, it should be very interesting to see who takes out the top spots, some grades are very tight in the leading scores.

I Have seeded the top 8 in A Grade and B Grade and the top 4 in C Grade, your tee times are as follows

A Grade Group 1: (8.45 am)
L.Grainger, K.Hamo, B.Robbo and N.Ackland

A Grade Group 2: (8.53 am)
P.Giblett, Bronco, M.Kelly, K.Davies

B.Grade Group 1: (9.01 am)
R.Rylance, J.Kennedy, G.Flanno, B.Clemow

B Grade Group 2: (9.08am)
K.Harkins, T.Magill, M.Loe, M.Kent

C Grade Group 1: (9.16 am
P.Gannon, P.Palmer, G.Osbourne, D.Davy

Goodluck everyone, please check the time sheet and scrub your names out if your already down but now moved into the seeded groups.

Sorry for the late posting, I have just been tied up and busy…Thanks Everyone, See you all next weekend…MD