MEN (Saturday): Results for 27/06/2020

EVENT DATE:27/06/2020
EVENTRound 2 Winter Aggregate Championship.
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1B.Robbertson 39 on CB $50 BC
WINNER – Division 2J.Martin 37 $50 to use in the club
RUNNER UP – Division 1M.Arundel 39 $30 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 2G.Edwards 36 $30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

C.Tuckerman, G.Cowan, D.Davy, G.Flanno, D.Tink, P.Oysten, T.Foster, R.Pajak, K.Hamilton, R.Nash, R.Ashby, I.Lumpy—-1 ball each.

NTP – 7th HoleJ.Bahr 3 Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINP.Jeucken $87 BC
NTP – 12th HoleS.Brogden 3 Balls
RAFFLE WINNERS:D.Davy, N.Ackland, T.McCulloch—–$20BC each

Today we saw 81 men step out onto the course for the 2nd round of the winter agg series. It was a tough day out there. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone else who came to play. This agg will be a best 3 rounds out of 4.

The Semi finals for crawford cup match play begins now, those 4 remaining teams will have until the 11th to complete their matches.

Next week we will be playing our monthly medal stroke round off the blue tee’s. Looking forward to seeing you all next week…MD