MEN (Saturday): Results for 23/11/2019

EVENT DATE:23/11/2019
EVENTPatrons Shield Day.
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1Mark Arundel 44points $50 b/cr
WINNER – Division 2Rodney Roemermann 39points c/b $50 b/cr
RUNNER UP – Division 1Michael Loe 43points $25 b/cr
RUNNER UP – Division 2Joel Kennedy 39points c/b $25 b/cr
PLAYERS in Rundown:

J.Mcdonald 41;T.Williams 41; C.Trist 39; M.Kelly 39; B.Price 39; R.Gibson 38; P.Jeucken 38; G.Hall 38; B.Clemow 38; D.Pearce 38; L.Horn 38;J.Cairns 38; K.Griffith 38.

NTP – 4th HoleKerry Davies 2 Golf Balls.
NTP – 6th HolePeter Palmer Petes Cafe Voucher
NTP – 7th HoleLee Grainger Coopers 6Pack
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINKelvin Brittain $67 b/cr
NTP – 12th HoleCyril Trist Cooroy hotel Voucher
NTP – 15th HolePeter Jeucken 2 Golf Balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTKelvin Brittain inside circle $1200 b/cr
RAFFLE WINNERS:1: Gary Menyweather. 2: Bronco Price. 3: Jocelyn Rabjohns. $20b/cr each.

Congratulations to MARK ARUNDEL on winning the Patrons Shield with 44points well done! Your name will be engraved on the shield once we find it ….Also Congratulations goes to KELVIN BRITTAIN on winning the super pin jackpot yesterday hitting his tee shot inside the circle..well done!….And the good news next week the super pin jackpot is sitting at $854 …will it go off again next week time will tell. Next weeks competition is a Versus Par event. cheers Brent .