MEN (Saturday): Results for 21/03/2020

EVENT DATE:21/03/2020
EVENTStroke and 4bbb Gross and Nett
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1Paul Dudman – 68 $40 b/c
WINNER – Division 2Peter Palmer – 69-$40 b/c
RUNNER UP – Division 1George Hall – 69 c/b – $20 b/c
RUNNER UP – Division 2John Cairns – 72- $20 b/c
PLAYERS in Rundown:

M Davies, P Caroll, M Arundel, M Kent, B Clemow, T Bernhagen, C Trist, M Topper, M Kelly, G Green, C Black.

NTP – 4th HoleM Topper – 2 balls
NTP – 6th HoleG Hall – 2 balls
NTP – 7th HoleD Clayton – 2 balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINA McAtee – $75 -b/c
NTP – 12th HoleG Hall – $20 b/c
NTP – 15th HoleC Black – 2 balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot won – approx $625 next week
RAFFLE WINNERS:S Piggott, G Osborne, A Stewart – $20 b/c each

The winners of the 4bbb Gross event are Paul Dudman and George Hall – $40 b/c each, the Nett winners are Mitch Davies and Joel Kennedy – $40 b/c each. Congratulations to all winners, also congratulations to Mark Kelly for an eagle on the 16th. The Manager and staff would like to thank all members for their understanding and compliance for the measures put in place re Coronavirus. Please read all notifications/ updates on our web site. Next weeks event is an 18 hole Stableford.