MEN (Saturday): Results for 16/10/2021

EVENT DATE:16/10/2021
EVENTMel Bonnell 4BBB
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1LeMoy & Price (47 on CB)—$50 BC Each
RUNNER UP – Division 1Clemow & Foster (47)–$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

C.Gannon, P.Gannon, D.Attrill, P.Buchbach, M.Davies, K.Davies, A.Jones, G.Osbourne, K.Brittain, P.Palmer, I.Lumsden, M.Woolway—$5 BC Each

NTP – 4th HoleB.Clemow–$10 BC
NTP – 6th HoleC.Black–$10 BC
NTP – 7th HoleM.Woolway–$10 BC
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINT.Gordon—$89 BC
NTP – 12th HoleT.Bernhagen–$10 BC
NTP – 15th HoleR.Rashoi–$10 BC
RAFFLE WINNERS:T.Magill, K.Stevens, C.Clark—$20 BC Each

Congratulations to all winners today. There are a few changes that are happening and I must applaud the men for adapting to these sudden changes- All men’s comp prices are now $15 and we are no longer running the super pin carry over, which means it pays out every week.

Congratulations to B.Le’Moy and B.Price on winning the Mel Bonnel with a 96 points ($125 BC Each) well played boys and bad luck to the runners up who were last years winners. P.Gannon and C.Gannon with a 93 ($75 each)

See you all next weekend. MD