MEN (Saturday): Results for 06/11/2021

EVENT DATE:06/11/2021
EVENTMonthly Medal
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2021 11
WINNER – A GradeM.Davies (65)—$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – B GradeP.BuchBach (66)—$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – C GradeL.Horn (66)—$50 BC + Medal
RUNNER UP – A GradeP.Jeucken (66 on Cb)–$30 BC
RUNNER UP – B GradeI.Lumsden (68)–$30 BC
RUNNER UP – C GradeS.Paice (68)–$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

L.Horn, K.Hamo, G.Menyweather(last week)…M.Bright, M.Miklenda, G.Menyweather, K.Harkins, D.Wippell, G.Anderson—$5 BC Each

NTP – 4th HoleD.Wippell–$101 BC
NTP – 6th HoleK.Davies–$10 BC
NTP – 7th HoleM.Kent–$10 BC
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINB.Clemow–$10 BC
NTP – 12th HoleA.Jones–$10 BC
NTP – 15th HoleR.Roermerrmann–$10 BC
RAFFLE WINNERS:C.Michael, P.Dudman, M.Civa—$20 BC Each

Congratulations to all winners throughout the field, I have now drafted the medal of medals for the 4th of December. It will be up on the bench as of next week so please check to see what time your playing in the seeded groups from 8.48am.

Also congratulations to M.Bright for equaling the current course record of 67 off the stick. Well played.

See you all next weekend, MD