MEN (Saturday): Results for 04/07/2020

EVENT DATE:04/07/2020
EVENTMonthly Medal
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2020 07
WINNER – A GradeL.Grainger-69—-$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – B GradeJ.Bahr- 66—-$50 BC + Medal
WINNER – C GradeA.Jones-67—-$50 BC + Medal
RUNNER UP – A GradeB.Robbo-70—-$30 BC
RUNNER UP – B GradeM.Loe-70—-$30 BC
RUNNER UP – C GradeT.Kershaw-68—-$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

G.Anderson, T.Hayes, J.Kennedy, M.Kent, M.Kelly, K.Stevens, B.Clemow—–1 Ball each

NTP – 4th HoleG.Flanno- 2 Balls
NTP – 6th HoleM.Kent-2 Balls
NTP – 7th HoleT.Campbell- 2 Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINT.Hayes- $81 BC
NTP – 12th HoleM.Kent- 2 Balls
NTP – 15th HoleM.Bright- 2 Balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot won approx $990
RAFFLE WINNERS:A.Stewart, R.Blount, W.O’Hare—-$20 BC each

Today we played our monthly medal stroke round, some very impressive scores throughout the field. Congratulations to all winners.

Next week will be our 3rd round of our winter agg stableford series.

There has been some discussion and confusion around a new policy for pace of play, this will be addressed at our meeting throughout the week, so please just wait until a decision has been reached by all members of committee. But in the mean time we should all be very wary of our own pace of play, make sure we are keeping up with the group ahead as much as we can, also looking for balls in creek while you could be taking your shot or looking for another players ball…so please be mindful of these little things that can delay pace of play.

Thanks everyone, see you all next week—MD