MEN – Results for 30th May 2015 & Crawford Cup Update

Event: Single Stableford


Division 1 – Rob Sirrett (43)

Division 2 –  Roman Pajak  (43) Runners Up:

Division 1 – Noel Ackland (40)

Division 2 –  Rob Nash  (42)

Run Down: Tony Foster, Tony Hayes, Brent Jesberg, Mike Price, Col Easton, Andy Dick, Sam Haines, Adam Linde, Mike O’Rourke, Cyril Trist, Peter O’Connor

N.T.P: 4.  Mike Price   7. Mike Price  10.  Kent Griffith  12. David Jones 15. Tony Hayes

Pro Pin – Tony Kershaw (3.6m)  Sam Haines, Adam Linde

Raffle: Brad Jordison, Freda Bull,  Ron Blount

Sweepstakes: Roman Pajak & Rob Sirrett  (43)

Crawford Cup Update

David Jones and Lumpy Lumsden defeated Pat Carroll and Dave Shing (2 & 1) Phil and George Giblett defeated Jack Carver and Paul Korczynski (4 & 3) Greg Flanagan and John Butler defeated  Grathan Leatherbarrow and Graeme Finn (1 up)

Upcoming Matches

Greg Flanagan and John Butler to play Ron Blount and Brent Jesberg George Hall and Paul Dudman to Play Rob Wode and Darren Uren