MEN: Pennant Results for 9th April 2017

The Team came into today knowing that a few results had to happen, Maroochy River to lose to Nambour, Gympie not to be flogged, and us to beat Caloundra.

Resulting with Maroochy River getting over the top of Nambour (thanks Nambour again), Gympie held their end up, and as we know we only squared our match with Caloundra.


We were down a couple of caddies today (need to work on this one ) so a few changes were made to the rotations.

Jeff (j mac) McDonald was first off, having to give one stroke away, his opponent not having lost all year, with j mac on his own and his opposition having a handy caddy, Jeff struggled with the old consistency, but fought on strongly, 3 down, back to 1 down, back to 2 down, but not able to get one foot in the door.  Eventually going down 3 and 2.

Geoff Linde, next off the rank, first drive down the guts into the wind, also to be given a shot, up and down the boys were, Geoff was 2 down on the 17th. After a win on the 17th decides to hit the flag on the 18th  and drops the ball by the hole a solid square was the result.

Peter Buchbach was on the end of the handicapper’s knife, having had a great round on Wednesday, suffering the consequences today, had to give 3 shots away.

With his opponent playing solid golf and taking full use of shots afforded him, found the going tough, coming in 4 and 2 down.

Peter (deep ) Fryer was bursting with energy (red cordial).  First drive out to the left Dooh. But this would be the only time Peter was behind, with the profound knowledge of his Caddy (Angus Mcduff) Peter ventured on to a solid 6 and 4 win.

Peter Kennedy, was the tail of two stories, Mattie was on Peters bag today (well done Mattie) After a solid practice hit during the week,

Peter was confident on his consistency (silly boy, its golf ) first drive hard left, next drive left again, halfway round it was evident that his consistency was elsewhere, to Peter best endeavours, he found his stroke, and came up the 18th with a great 1 up win.

Shane (Shanker) Skanlan (spelt rite again), popped his pills, rubbed the Voltaren in, completed his stretches, and lost his phone (dooooohhhhh)

Not the best way to start a game of golf, with our lovely Donna In tow, it was off we went, down the guts then into the sand,  Shane was able to square the first, and he was on to his game, unfortunately his opponent was to play solid golf all day , Cong rates to him , Shane not getting a look in, either way, finally going down 6 and 4, and a solid cramp on the 14th.

Marky ( joy o Joy ) Bright, for some strange reason, was looking forward to the game today. Mark had to give two shots to his opponent.The reason for Mark’s glee was that the greens were fast and true, allow for the wind, sort of fast, so good to see good players in these conditions.  Mark left his mate gob smacked, and came in a solid 4 and 2 winner.

All up for the day it was a 3 half to a 3 half, Squared Match.

The Club would like to thank all for your efforts this year, not quite there, but a great base for next year.

Thanks again.

Please remember the Brag Cup on the 30th of April, Anzac Day par three, Easter Monday Coopers Comp,