MEN (Masters Pennant): Results for 25th March 2018

Our result today was again not the desired result and I wonder if we should have played at all with the condition of the course and the time taken to find balls buried in mud and slop.

We were extremely lucky to have the number of spotters we did have today and we will have to provide as many at the finals late in April.

Glad we weren’t in the 5 groups waiting on the third. It was bad enough being in the 3 groups waiting on the eleventh.

The good stories today. Great win to George Hall and well done to half of the dependable duo Peter Fryer who kept his unbeaten status alive to win 18 and claim a halved match. Well done guys.

We have a break for a week before going to Noosa Springs versus Maroochy River.

The club has a desire to blood a new player or 2 to battle harden some more guys for next year so we will have a new face or 2 for that game

Regards Jeff