MEN: 2020 Club Championship Results

Hello there everyone, sorry for the long wait on the results of our club championships.

The results are as follows;

A Grade Gross Champion is L.Grainger  (310)—-$125 BC

A Grade Gross Runner Up is K.Hamilton (318)— $75 BC

A Grade Nett Champion is B.Price (279)—$100 BC

A Grade Nett Runner Up is B.Robbertson (287)—$60 BC


B Grade Gross Champion is R.Rylance (333)—$125 BC

B.Grade Grade Gross Runner Up is J.Kennedy (344)—$75 BC

B Grade Nett Champion is G.Flanagan (283)—$100 BC

B Grade Nett Runner Up is M.Loe (286)—$60 BC


C Grade Gross Champion is L.Cobb (378)—$125 BC

C Grade Gross Runner Up is D.Davy (379)—$75 BC

C Grade Nett Champion is P.Gannon (280)—$100 BC

C Grade Nett Runner Up is D.Chapman (294)—$60 BC

Congratulations to everyone on this page, everyone has played extremely well and should be very happy.  We still have the match play side of this to go, the draw has been posted in the clubhouse were the results are.  You all have until Saturday the 19th to complete round 1 also the match play conditions are next to the draw. Good luck everyone.