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MEN: 2023 Cooroy Men’s Open – Conditions of Competition




The following General Conditions are for the Cooroy Golf Club Men’s Open 2022 Event. The Event Committee of Cooroy Golf Club Men’s Open 2022 reserves the right to alter or vary these General Conditions at any time.

The Cooroy Golf Club Men’s Open 2022 shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and such Local Rules as set down by the Event Committee.

In the event and to the extent of any inconsistency between two or more documents those documents will be interpreted in the following order of priority:

(a) Local Rules approved by the Cooroy Men’s Open 2022 Event Committee, on the day of the Event;

(b) Cooroy Golf Club Local Rules v 7.0 (5/5/2022).

In these general conditions, unless the content indicates otherwise:

Committee means the Events Committee of Cooroy Golf Club Men’s Open 2022.

Entry Form means the online Cooroy Men’s Open 2022 Entry Form available at

Rules of Golf means the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status 2022 and associated decisions as published by the R&A Rules Limited.


  1. Committee

1.1 The Event Committee reserves the right to make all arrangements, to fix and/or alter starting times, to change handicap limits, alter the number of Divisions in the event, or in the case of insufficient entries, cancel the event.

1.2 The members of the Event Committee present may exercise all functions of the Event Committee in relation to the Event and shall constitute the Committee within the meaning of the Rules of Golf for the purpose of the conduct of the Event.

1.3 A competitor or caddie may be a member of the Committee for the Event.

1.4 Protests must be made to the Committee not later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the event.

1.5 The decision of the members of the Committee present will be final in all matters relating to the Event.

  1. By-laws, Rules and Dress Regulations

2.1 The By-laws, rules and dress regulations of the Cooroy Golf Club shall apply to players and caddies.


  1. Eligibility

1.1 All players must be a member of an affiliated club (not a social club) and have returned a minimum of three (3) cards for handicapping at that club within the last twelve (12) months.

1.2 Player(s) must meet the eligibility criteria established for the specific Event, including any handicap conditions, as notified on the official Entry Form.

1.3 A player’s handicap for the purposes of meeting any handicap conditions as notified on the official Entry Form is determined by the player’s GA Daily handicap on the day of the Event.

1.4 In the event of a player being suspended by a Recognised Golf Club the player is not eligible to enter or play in any event during the period of suspension. This Condition applies even if the player nominates another club as the player’s home club for handicap purposes.

  1. Entries

2.1 The Committee shall have the right to refuse the entry of any person without being required to give any reason for such refusal.

2.2 Entries must be made on the official online Entry Form at 

2.3 Any player who has entered the Event on a correct GA handicap whose GA handicap has increased beyond the handicap limit for the Event will be permitted to play in the Event on the maximum handicap allowed.

2.4 Entry into the Event must include all necessary details and be received by Cooroy Golf Club prior to the closing date. A player’s entry has not officially been received until their name has been posted at  

  1. Code of Conduct

3.1 All players are subject to the Golf Australia Code of Conduct.


The following Conditions, together with any additions or amendments published by Cooroy Golf Club on the relevant Entry Form or at the golf course, will apply under Rule 33-1. Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Condition is:

Stroke Play – Two Strokes

  1. Rules of Golf

1.1 Men’s Cooroy Open 2022 shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf, together with such local rules as are in force. If any dispute arises on any point, it shall be decided by the relevant Event Committee at the course whose decision shall be final.

  1. Draws and time of Starting

2.1 A draw for the event will be made and published. Players shall start at the time and in the order arranged by the Committee.

2.2 The Committee has the power to amend the draw or substitute another player for any competitor who is not at the tee at the time appointed to play.

2.3 The Committee reserves the right to fix and/or alter starting times.

  1. Pace of Play

These Pace of Play provisions may be supplemented by specific Pace of Play Guidelines for the Event. The specific Pace of Play Guidelines for the Event shall take precedence if there is any inconsistency.

3.1 In the absence of mitigating circumstances, a group is liable to be timed if it is in excess of the time allowed and in the case of second or subsequent groups, out of position. From the commencement of timing, if any player exceeds 50 seconds on a ‘first to play approach shot (including Par 3 tee shot), chip or putt’, or 40 seconds if it is a tee shot or ‘second or third to play shot’, they shall be deemed to have had a bad time.

3.2 Out of position is defined as being more than the starting interval behind the group in front.

3.3 A player whose group is timed will have a bad time carried forward in the round even if the group subsequently arrives back in position or within time.

  1. The Event

4.1 All players in each grade will play a STROKE event, off the BLUE markers.

4.2 An overall GROSS & NET winner will be decided.

4.3 GROSS & NET winners and runners up in each grade will be decided.

4.4 Players are eligible for ONE MAJOR award only.

4.5 NTP‘s will be decided.

4.6 In the event of a tie for the overall GROSS Winner. A Sudden Death play- off will be played starting on hole no 1, then proceeding to hole 17, followed by hole 18, repeat till winner is found.

4.7 All other category of winners will be decided by count back in the event of a tie.

  1. Registration

5.1 Players are required to register with the starters on the day of the event, no later than 7:30 am for an 8.00 am shotgun start.

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