Men – 2014 Annual Trophies

1.           Crawford Cup: George and Phil Giblett

2.           Crawford Cup Runner Up:  Rob Nash & Derek Wood

3.           Foursomes Champions: Nathan & Geoff Linde

4.           Foursomes Runner Up: Andy Stewart & Kelvin Brittain

5.           Winter Aggregate Champion: Rob Wode

6.           Winter Aggregate Runner Up: Ed Otto

7.           A Grade Champion: Marc Bright

8.           A Grade Runner Up: Pat Carroll

9.           B grade Champion: Russ Rylance

10.         B Grade Runner Up: Noel Ackland

11.         C Grade Champion: Jeff McDonald

12.         C Grade Runner Up: Les Grimsditch

13.         A Grade Nett Winner: Brad Jordison

14.         B Grade Nett Winner: Tony Gordon

15.         C Grade Nett Winner: Peter Johnson

16.         A Grade Match Play Champion: Chris Weier

17.         A Grade Match Play Runner Up: Paul Korczynski

18.         B Grade Match Play Champion: Tony Gordon

19.         B Grade Match Play Runner Up: Graeme Finn

20.         C Grade Match Play Champion:  Jeff McDonald

21.         C Grade Match Play Runner Up: Les Grimsditch

22.         Mel Bonnell Champions: Andy Campion & Cyril Trist

23.         Mel Bonnell Runners Up: George Hall & Jim Penman

24.         6 Best Stabs – A Grade: George Hall

25.         6 Best Stabs –B Grade: John Butler

26.         6 Best Stabs –C Grade: Tony Foster

27.         A Grade Medal: Dave Wippell   ocb.

28.         B Grade Medal: Kevin Stevens

29.         C Grade Medal: Greg Flanagan

30.         Medal of Medals: Kevin Stevens

31.         Player of the Year: Nathan Linde

32.         Runner Up: Rob Wode